How long does Fatty Liver take to heal??

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The best thing anyone can do is listen to their physician. We could speculate all day about whether or not a fatty liver can be healed. We all have varying degrees of health that is individualized. Though, the worst thing we could do is assume that normal labs is a wild card to continue drinking. The only true answer can come from a physician, not a forum.
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Seconded. I came into the hospital with a fatty liver (the doc could literally feel it without an ultrasound) and alcoholic hepatitis. My liver panels were off the chart. That was six months ago and I am fine now. But I still get blood tests every month just to check at the doctor's suggestion. Listen to your doctor and follow directions. They had several years of training and we did not.
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I quit a week & 1/2 ago!

Feel great man, not scratching, sleeping great eating a lot, but drinking a ton of coffee! In counseling. going great whole family is happy man! A lot of energy, but when I crash I crash!
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Hi. I thought Iíd bump this old post up because I wanted to point out that just because you have normal liver enzyme numbers in blood work, that you may still have liver problems and not know it.

FYIóI quit drinking again in July, after a long stint of heavy wine ďpartyingĒ. Many years.

I take a medicine which requires bloodwork to monitor things every three months. And for a few years my liver enzymes have been just a tad out of range. Literally just a few points high, and not enough to concern my doctor.

In September, my first blood work since I quit drinking in July, my liver enzymes were within normal range. And I was thrilled! (In the back of my head I was thinking that my liver was in great shape, and maybe someday I could take up my old sport....drinking wine!)

And again, in December, my liver enzymes were really good, so, again, Iím thrilled! Go liver!

Well, I had to have an ultrasound of my abdomen in December due to soemthing else, and guess what? I have fatty liver! Even with perfect liver enzymes!
So, Iím off to a liver specialist soon. And I am now aware of the fact that just because your bloodwork shows your liver enzymes are within normal range again, it does not mean that your liver is not sick

I have been sober for almost a half a year, and Iím realizing that itís good that I stopped again when I did. And I realize that this has to be a full time gig.
It is ok. I feel like Iíve been given a second chance of having my life back. I think I did this thing in time. I cannot fool myself any longer though that a liver can be fixed and then abused again....and again....and again....

Wish me luck that the specialist thinks I can reverse the fatty liver and that I have not done too much damage over the years.
Thank you for being there sober recovery, I have come and gone, but youíve a,ways been there for me. Much appreciated, and hope I can give some back to you all.
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