Exhausted 90+ Days In?

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Exhausted 90+ Days In?

Hi guys, I've spent quite a bit of time reading posts and this forum really seems great. Particularly since, after getting help in the states for my heavy duty alcoholism, I am in Belize (where I live). Going to AA...reading all there is to read...but without the BIG support group that there is in the states.

I am still SO tired, just weary...emotionally unexcited...low enthusiasm for just about everything even the stuff that I used to love.

I went thru all the short term effects...vomiting, hallucinating, sick, shaky, insomnia...but should I still be suffering effects 98 days sober?

Thanks for any advice at all!
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Post-accute withdrawal syndrome can last for up to a year after you quit. Hang in there! They tell me it gets better
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Congratulations on your 98 days sober. At month 5 it finally hit me that I was still in early recovery. Like wir commented just the paws symptoms can follow you for awhile. Then there is learning to deal with everything with new perspective. Actually I find that when I am feeling great I am most at risk for using. That's when the addiction comes around and tries to sweet talk me. Tries to make me think I overreacted at really just need to tone it down a bit. LIES. I am not that far ahead of you so my advice would be just to take care of yourself as much as possible. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am doing the right thing by stopping. Still recovery doesn't look like I thought it would.
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I can easily sleep eight nine or even ten hours.

If I get six, I feel terrible.

I dont know if thats my normal, since I used to sleep off hangovers all the time, but I really need a lot more sleep than most people get.
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Hey, yes, When I was in early recovery - about the 90 day time frame, I remember sharing in group one night that I was totally exhausted. Exhausted from fighting the addiction, making meeting, avoiding triggers...everything! But, it does get better. That is all part of the detox believe it or not. I am 255 days today (over 8 months) and I feel great. Hang in there.
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Thanks so much for your feedback guys. I am also on Antabuse...stopped using it today thinking that might be the problem. EXHAUSTING today too but trying to get out there and do things.

Anyone had an antabuse weariness? Thanks again!
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have you seen a dr RecoverinBZ?
It's possible this may not be recovery or antabuse related at all.

If you're on antabuse I think it's a good idea to see the Dr before you come off it anyway

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I agree that seeing a doctor is the best thing, just to be sure it's not something else. I felt really, really tired and unmotivated for almost 4 months. It gets better, but slowly. I got a physical and blood test and all was fine, it just took time to heal. Nutrition (and vitamins, including a B Complex) did help.

Hang in there (one day at a time!)!
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