Migraines in early sobriety ?

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Migraines in early sobriety ?

In hopes that someone can relate, I decided to post here.

I used to attribute the onset of migraines to my insane wine consumption. But I have been flirting with a 3 day migraine that is about to derail me.

Anyone experienced the same ?

I'm 11 days sober.

Thanks in advance.
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I think headaches and migraine are common for a lot of us in early recovery.
Mine went away...eventually...but if you're worried maybe a Dr is a good idea, AO?

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I used to get um early on especially being online to long. Hope you feel better.Migraines r no fun.
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I'm still getting headaches, but not migraines, after almost 3 months sober. Biggest problem is early in the morning.
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You read my mind. Today I was having headaches and I was thinking I hadn't gotten one in forever what's with this? I think it's probably part of the healing process or brain running on lower blood pressure or something?
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Originally Posted by alphaomega View Post
But I have been flirting with a 3 day migraine that is about to derail me.
Derail your sobriety?

Don't. We don't get over the physical manifestations of early recovery by drinking. Rather, relapses set us back and make the next cycle of early sobriety that much more difficult.

Get over this hurdle, stay sober, and you never have to go through it again.
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During the first 2 months sober I had migraines about every second day, typically started around noon. Really bad light sensitivity etc. Migraines suck

Now 2.5 months sober, they almost ceased around 7-8 weeks. Had one last week, but always had them maybe once a month. Besides last year, when I had quit both drinking and smoking - had none for several months. Believe I have to get rid of the smoking for them to completely stop.

But it did get much better for me, hang in there
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I had severe headaches during the last days of my drinking and then for quite a few months after I stopped drinking.
After a while, I just thought I would have a headache for the rest of my life, but then, maybe after four months of sobriety, I was going through my morning when it suddenly dawned on me that I no longer had a headache.
Serious relief.
Now I just get normal, random headaches, with a migraine thrown in occasionally.
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When I quit I drank alot of diet soda with aspartame. It is know to cause migraines and much more. Terrible stuff.
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