not sure if last night blows my soberity

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not sure if last night blows my soberity

Ok so today should be day 11 but last night i ended up drinking a can of non alcoholic beer.
Im unsure whether to say that im starting again on day one or day 11.

I drank it as i felt desbrate for beer so when i saw it in the shop i bought it instead of a bottle of wine. Not something i want to make a habit of as i think ill end up drinking again if i start drinking loads of non alky beer

What do you lot think. Day one or 11?
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IMO Day 11 but be careful. Some N/A beers do have small amounts of alcohol. Even if they do not, as you pointed out, the idea of a beer or the taste can drive you right to the real stuff pretty fast.

Good on you for at least making that choice over the wine!
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Yeah I agree you are still on day 11,but just be careful with the NA stuff....For me I would be too tempted to get the real stuff after a couple of them....Steve.
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Be careful but an ice cold NA lager knocks my cravings right on the head. Each to their own I suppose.
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I'd say day 11but be very careful. I can't (nor wouldn't want to) drink NA drinks as they look,smell,taste the same as alcohol but no buzz.It's the buzz I want. Look at your motives for doing it-for me it would only be a matter of time before I got bored of NA stuff and went back to the real thing
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day 11 if it has no booze in it. keep going!
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Keep your sobriety date, you did fine. It was certainly a better choice than the wine.

As others have said though, beware of those NA things. I found that they only reinforced my mental behavior towards beer in general. Before too long I would be thinking how only a few real beers wouldn't hurt. Then I was off to the races.
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congrats on day 11

some soft drinks contain small amounts of alcohol too. NA beer can make cravings worse for some alcoholics and can lessen them for others. I personally stay away from it but anything that keeps us off the alcoholic drinks is good.

I bought a can of beer on day 4 out of automatism (I've bought beer in my local shop hundreds of times, I just wasn't thinking). It went straight in the bin without being opened but it sparked of major carvings for a couple of hours. After I rode it out I actually felt a sense of pride and general well-being because I threw it away without a second thought.

Stay strong. Keep going
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Again be careful and don't forget the shite fairy getting control of us by whispering sweet NOTHINGS into our head. I heard a few speakers who drank about a case a day to get the kick and didn't realize what was happening. Also know a man who drank Listerine way to excess because his twisted brain didn't think it was a included alcoholic drink, and he was a top lawyer who is not any more. BE WELL
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Day 11 for sure but non-alcoholic beer, or even going into a bar, is dangerous IMHO.
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If you can get away with drinking N/A beer then kudos to you. Yoohoo made the statement that it doesn't have booze. Just an FYI, it does have alcohol in it. N/A beer just needs to have less than a certain percentage in order to be classified as such but it's still present.

Here's a little insight into one of my failed attempts at sobriety.

Husband was elated that I was sober. I knew that I couldn't get away with drinking alcohol because he can smell it a mile away. Can you see the plan in action here?

1.Purchased non alcoholic beer and drank it, hated it. Who was I fooling, it wasn't the beer I wanted, it was the buzz.
2.Reasoned with myself that I could pour out 1/4 of the N/A beer and replace it with regular beer and husband would never know the difference. Note that I certainly wasn't getting sober for me.
3.1/4 beer became 1/2 a beer.
4. 1/2 became 3/4
5.Started hiding beers and would replace the entire container of N/A with real beer. THAT was a chore. Try pouring beer that has a tendency to foam from one small hole into another small hole. Not to mention the hidden beer was warm because it couldn't be kept in the fridge or he would have seen it and known that it was gone. That made the pouring effort even harder.
6.I actually made it to being able to replace three full beers without getting caught. Or so I thought. Eventually I had ingested enough of a level for my husband to see the attitude of the old person that I was when I was drinking and I was questioned.

Well, since it was out in the open we had the "if you could only just have a few then everything would be ok" discussion. Lots and lots of promises from me.

Here I am today. Just food for thought.
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It's really up to you. Some would put themselves at day one, some wouldn't.
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Originally Posted by ReadyAtLast View Post
Look at your motives for doing it-
Bingo...when it comes to NA Beer/mocktails etc, I believe you hit it right there Ready.

I do drink NA Beer or mocktails..but NEVER to kill a craving for the real deal. I personally think NA is brilliant because it DOESN'T do what beer does. I like the taste of beer from time to time, especially on a hot day. I like to mix it with a bit of lime cordial.

I think using it to kill craves is very, very dangerous. Craves need to be rode out differently..I think.
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thanks for all the replies. Ive asked my boss for next week off as i need some time away from the ztresses from work and just concentrate on getting better. Im going to stay with my mother. Theres no booze in her house and she is against alcohol so i ahould be ok
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