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Originally Posted by DrSober View Post
"Non alcoholic" beer typically contains alcohol.

The Dangers of Non-Alcoholic Beer
Exactly. About 0.4%.
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You know..despite the fact that I myself drink NA beer ocassionally and virgin strawberry margaritas (I think of them as strawberry slurpees really)..there is something...I can't put my finger in your post that "tweaks" a little. Not sure what it is. it the hurt feelings or that BF sees some sort of similarity. I dunno....

I don't miss all. I am still very joyful in my sobriety. I did have a moment recently where I was awkward, anxious, alone and wanted to "escape" had nothing to do with the NA beers I have drank or "mocktails"..or ya virgin vodka soda's : )

I wanted to "numb" my anxious brain and run away from myself. Two different balls of wax for me.
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I recognize this thread is old as when I stopped drinking over 3 years ago, but I just wanted to thank everyone for their 2 cents. I don't do mocktails anymore, because I don't have any interest in going down the booze aisle to get the mixers. It's a habit I just don't have anymore. Hooray!
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Congrats on 3 years!

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Originally Posted by nitenurse View Post

I recognize this thread is old as when I stopped drinking over 3 years ago,
congrats on the sober time. Hope you will stick around to share your experience.
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I would worry that the bar man forgets not to put alcohol in the mocktail - this almost happened to me not too long ago, the waitress came over and explained what had happened, fortunately it was my 'drinker' partner who had been drinking it!
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NN, congrats on 3 years sober!
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Ignore my thread, just realized it's moot!!!

[QUOTE=DrSober;4081698]"Non alcoholic" beer typically contains alcohol./QUOTE]

There's more alcohol in orange juice (.07-.09%) than there is in N/A beer (.05%). In fact, all fruit juices have some alcohol in them due to fermentation.

Nitenurse, what was your drink of choice? If it was daiquiris or the like, maybe you should stay away from that particular mocktail. But it's really a personal issue, one your boyfriend shouldn't decide for you. My drink of choice was wine so I find N/A beer to be refreshing and not an issue (only St. Pauli Girl N/A, though, the rest are trash! lol) We could argue that enjoying the ritualization of ANY beverage, not just mocktails and /N/A beer, could "trigger" someone. But I'm certainly not going there.
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