Just feeling sad

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Unhappy Just feeling sad

Not sure where to post on here. I did once before and I appreciated all everybody had to say. Just feeling very lost and alone lately. My fiancÚ is in jail right now and has been for 4 months now. No idea when he'll be getting out. He has so many drug and robbery Charges against him. It's really uncomprehendable. He has had problems with drugs for the entire time I've been with him 12 years but never anything like this. Then I have my own problems with drinking. Sometimes I feel like I have it under control but now I just feel like I'm losing it. So hard to keep up with the bills and rent and everything and I just miss him so much even though things were far from perfect when he was here. I know drinking doesn't help anything but it makes me not think of everything right now. So yea.
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Lostgirl, I am sorry you are feeling sad. Drinking isn't going to make you feel better though Is there anyone you can call?
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I know. There are people I can call too. It's all going to work out somehow I know. It's just hard sometimes. I work full time and have been working out a lot, love kickboxing right now. I know drinking doesn't help. Thanks for reminding me though. It makes me forget for the moment but just creates more problems In the end :P
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The only way any of this gets better is if you embrace sorbiety and some kind of a program.

You are doing a lot of positive things, drinking threatens all of that.
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Yes. You're right. I just miss him
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Hi Lostgirl. I'm sorry you're sad. I winced a little to hear that your man has a number of drug/robbery charges. Sounds like he's fighting some demons. What do you miss the most about him?
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Lost I'm sorry that you are struggling alone with this. Perhaps you can change this into a positive. While having your love locked up isn't ideal, you can use this time to make it all about YOU! Your fiancÚ will becoming home sober why not have him come home to a sober You!
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I just miss being with him. yes he has some demons but he really is a kind hearted person who just makes me feel loved. i do want to become sober. i know i need some help. i am having a very hard time adjusting to being on my own right now. i was with him for 12 years and the plan was to get married have kids and now I just feel like I have no direction in my life. don't know what to do
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