I'm just binging other stuff now...

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I'm just binging other stuff now...

Especially food.

I'm being less productive in the process of quitting. Is that odd? I don't know but its making my mind rationalize the thought of having some drinks. When I drank I'd pass out by 1am, wake up hungover as hell, but at least stumble out of bed at a reasonable time and feel ashamed enough to do a little work.

But these days I'm just binge eating, not sleeping, and wasting a lot of time being depressed and anxious.
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Early recovery is a time of readjustment - it's a few weeks of getting ourselves right again - it takes patience cigilance and a little faith.

Unfortunately many of us, including myself, have made the mistake of thinking how we feel now is how we're always going to feel from now on - and that's just not true.

Give it a little time Kinzoku - you gave years to drinking, right?
If you're conscious of a new problem developing - nip it in the bud now.

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just as the non smoker doesnt wonder through life wishing he could have a cigarette. the non drinker doesnt wonder through life half cocked ticked off anxious depressed and sad because theyd ont have booze.

the point is once you adjust to not drinking this stuff passes. You might still have moments but they will only be moments.
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What they said!

The seemingly monumental task of quitting drinking leaves us pretty exhausted at the start. Shell shocked. There's that sense of "now what?" as we peek out at the world and wonder what we are supposed to do next.

It's normal to want to hide and recoup for awhile. It passes. We can help ourselves by doing what we can do, and not doing any further harm. We don't want to let that inertia of "now what" end up miring us in the discomfort of early recovery.

If it doesn't seem to be passing on it's own, get proactive. Pushing ourselves to do something helps get us over the hump. Go to the library and get a book, or walk to the nearest box for a paper instead of waiting for things to come to us. Cook a meal from scratch. Make the effort for a shower each morning and a fresh change of clothes. Little NORMAL things to get us up and engaged with life.

In time it all begins to build on itself.
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I've been dealing with a HUGE sweet tooth since quitting. Ate half of a blueberry pie in one sitting Wednesday night! I've always been an insomniac so that hasn't changed since quitting...though when I'd get bombed, I'd usually sleep for a several hours, though I'm sure the quality of that sleep wasn't very good. But yeah, I'm seriously into eating right now. And I'm a grump.
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