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Just got abused by my so called best friend not the first time it happened, usually via SMS, this time she bothered to come all the way to see me to pick up her USB stick where I downloaded last night two hours worth a TV series she so much wanted to see. I did this in between attending to my three girls and not having had a good day in the first place. I have known her for 17 years hence I guess it is hard to totally cut the cord, but when is it enough to be used as a punching bag when she is stressed out or hates herself for some reason. I always travel her way , she never comes to my place unless it is an emergency etc...she actually picked up the USB stick with the movies and told me off in the process, that I just use her, I know she was stressed because she is going back to work tomorrow, but I do not deserve this type of abuse, it came out of nowhere...........I have to let her go as much as this will hurt I am letting her go......hope she felt better by hurting me because obviously she was stressed and hurting....

I am forgiving her..........but there is something not quite right here......... She has a lot so called friends who are only with her when they need her but she does not treat them the way she does me,...........

So my question is when is it enough..........?
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I think enough is when someone treats you badly and you feel uncomfortable. she will continue to treat you badly as long as you allow her to. be strong and look after yourself. you don't deserve to be treated badly. you can't control what she says,thinks or does but you can control your reactions and how you allow yourself to be treated
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When you want change.
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yep i think i would kick her out of my life, just stop communicating with her. if you let her do it, you open the door for others
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We teach people how to treat us.

It's enough when you want it to be enough. 17 years - cut that cord, or you might have another 17 years or more of this. Your call.
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