6 months today - time for a drink?

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Sorry I had to check back in here. I couldn't remember if liver damage was listed, or had been mentioned as a negative or not. Lets not forget liver damage as a pretty good reason to not drink anymore.
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Originally Posted by Pixy1 View Post
I cannot emphasise enough that each comeback gets harder and harder and one day you may not come back!
I've only gone twice.... But I will agree that the second time was much more difficult. I think it's because you've been there and done that and so that first week is not as filled with the feeling of success.
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Originally Posted by Adillac View Post
If you choose to drink again, don't let anyone belittle you for it- IE: your not being an adult...As was said, you probably know that drinking will only lead to continued and worsening problems, but what kind of alcoholic would you be if your rationality was all you needed? lol. The REAL alcoholic has an unconscious desire to drink that is so strong that only a spiritual experience can arrest it. Go somewhere quiet, get quiet, breathe and listen. Godspeed.

My Opinion only, but that may be a rather dangerous statement to make to someone on the verge of relapse, don't you think. It seems a bit enabling, which I am sure was not your intention..........and
"REAL ALCOHOLIC"? That's a funny term, are their Fake Alcoholics out there? I do not share your belief that only a "spiritual Experience" can arrest the desire to drink, but that's just me.
You seem to be a bit confused ----are you a "real" alcoholic still drinking?

Basically this forum tries to discourage people from thinking they can stop drinking for a while and then go back for a while and then stop for a while, etc. That is just not a good plan for a real alcoholic, although I may have totally misunderstood your post.

I sincerely hope you are working on your own recovery, and I wish you all the best.

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