Finally Made It 60 days.

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Finally Made It 60 days.

Well its been a tough month. I ended staying in for new years to avoid the temptation of drinking. I havnt been posting in my blog or coming on SR much. My new years resolution is to quit smoking. Does anyone have exerience tackling both issues at once? Too much to take on at once? Best of luck to all the SR members in 2013!
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Congratulations on 60 days! I know of some people who quit both in the beginning, I'm not one of them (my DOC was crack).

Hugs and prayers,

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That's an awesome way to ring in the new year! Best wishes to you!
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We are close. I got my 60 day coin today at AA. I stayed in this new year's eve as well. I couldnt have dared go out.
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I stopped smoking one month after stopping drinking. Not by choice, I just went a few days where my pack or two habit went down to a smoke or two. Not sure why. I asked my Primary doc about it, and he didn't know why either, but he prescribed me step down nicotine patches and told me to keep doing what I was doing.

Unfortunately I stayed on the patches for about 8 months! I stepped from 21mg, to 14mg, to 7mg, and then instead of stopping, I cut the 7mg in half to 3,5mf, then those in half to 1.75mg. Finally, when I told my doc this, he advised that the patch was just a security blanket by this point. He suggested that I put a Band-Aid on my arm for 3 days and no patch. It worked! LOL. Haven't smoked, or patched, since!

Best of luck on the no smoking. One of the biggest causes of death for recovering alcoholics is lung cancer.

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Congrats to you all for the 60 day mark! I've been there and that's a tough time for sure. I had one night around that time where I was real close to picking up. I'm so glad I never did that. Just hang in there and keep going with the recovery. It will get a little bit easier ... and then a little bit easier ... then finally a little easier ... and you get the drift.
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Rockerchick congrats! Caldun , thnks for the post. I found my worst times were in the first few weeks but it seems this troubke has returned this week. Im deeling with anxiety and depression again. Good to hear someone else that made it through to the other side share. Zube thats awesome your smoking decreased and then you quit. I myself smoked like a chimny when I was drinking so I guess in theory Ive cut down too but I just dont know if Im ready to leave that crutch. I am worried about my health though.
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Congratulations llastchance
I quit both at once but I think it's different for everyone...

congratulations to you too RockerChick

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Hey well done on the 60 days.

I've never strayed too far from SR- don't wanna fix what ain't broke. In my experience your strength will increase and you can take on more of what you want to address.
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Well done on 60 days...

I am giving up smoking on the 7th if this month, a year after I quit drinking.

I think you may be better putting off quitting smoking at the moment.

You may be setting yourself up for a fall trying to do both, especially at this early time in recovery.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to quit smoking, bite would concentrate of your recovery first.
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