Oh the irony

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Oh the irony

First of all, thanks to SR I have been sober for 6 weeks now. I am so grateful that there are so many lovely supportive people out there.

I thought you would all appreciate the irony of this: last night I went to the AGM of a local kids playgroup assocation. They started off with I stood there for about half an hour, with a lemonade in my hand. Feeling all the feelings I used to blot out with alcohol - feeling shy, weird, like an alien, self conscious, name it. But I didn't drink. Then we sat down and they held the meeting. At the end they drew the raffle for the door prize. And I won!

...........a case of wine.

I wasn't going to announce that I don't drink so I took it home. I don't feel tempted to drink it which is great - probably will hand it around as xmas presents.
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LOL funny how stuff like that happens

congratulations on 6 weeks hiho

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Congratulations on your 6 weeks. Didn't anyone tell you that earns you a case of wine?

That is a very funny story. Hopefully you have enough people to give it to so you can get rid of it without being tempted.

Love how the universe works sometimes!
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Congratulations and keep going I say! Ha ha lol a case of wine! Glad you didn't feel tempted, is what I call one of life's little testers aye! x
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Awesome on your 6 weeks.

I've becomes way more sensitive, in recovery, to things like this, meaning not using booze as gifts, prizes etc...I didn't used to notice how often this occurred because it was OK for me to participate. Now it's like a glaring "DUH!".

When I was a kid (a LONG time ago) my mom used to send a bottle of wine as teacher's gifts!

Another reaction I had upon reading this was that saying "I don't drink wine, why don't you draw again." wouldn't announce that you now or ever had a problem with drinking. Lot's of people don't and never have been drinkers. But early in recovery most of us feel super aware and awkward about not drinking.

Not implying that you should have turned away the prize, just that if you had done that, I doubt it would have raised eyebrows.
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Ha ha,love that.

Congratulations on 6weeks.
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Posts: 2,408 you were asking yourself "where were you 7 weeks ago, Mr. Case of Wine??".

Very funny

Congrats on 6 weeks!
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