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[QUOTE=EternalQ;3651776]Macmary, my goodness, dont feel stupid ever. There are so many people who read SR who view anonymously, and you have no idea who you may be helping.

Exactly!! I'm only 3 months sober (again) and from my experience I CAN'T control my drinking at all. I was just reading this and I kinda am thinking / wishing I could just drink on weekends with mates!!

My last 'attempt' after a couple of months sobriety was a few drinks while watching the footy one Saturday night, of course I bought a bottle of Vodka drank most of it, threw up in the morning and reached straight for the bottle afterwards. Back to the 24/7 drinking straight away, thank god it only lasted a week I ended up in hospital (called the ambulance myself lol, I could not stop!). Straight back into AA and things are good now.

Anxiety has been a huge issue for me in the past (was abusing xanax for 6 years). During that week of drinking all my anxiety and guilt / fear came back worse than ever.

If you are trying to control imo you already have no control... It may work for a while but eventually it will be a daily thing again.

Awesome question btw ppl need to hear this ****!!

Good Luck
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I think it's great you posted, don't feel stupid. I went through thinking I could drink "normally" for a while too, but I learned it did not work for me. I bet there were a lot of others who read this who it probably learned from it too so kudos to you for figuring things out for yourself and helping others on here too!
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