Horrible Axiety

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Question Horrible Axiety

Hello all, I have 11 Days sober today! Things were going fairly well until yesterday I started to have horrible Anxiety. I cannot get into the Dr right away. Anyone have suggestions, is this normal? Why is it just starting now? Thanks much
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I'm not a doctor, so I don't want to give medical advice.

In my experience, and my situation might be totally different from yours - i found deep breathing in and out to be helpful for anxiety.
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For me it was a struggle to not have my "fix" to cope with just about anything. It lead to horrible anxiety etc.. Initially Raw apple cider vinegar got it and the panic attacks in check pretty quick for me. But then I found some other vitamins and supplements that worked pretty well as well. I hate to get into it too much as I dont want to break forum rules etc.. but if you have an interest feel free to PM me.
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Can you think of a reason for the anxiety Powerless? Even if it is just fear of sobriety...?

Most of my horrible anxiety left me once I stopped drinking, and the anxiety I did have I could relate to something...telling people about my drink problem...first AA meeting... All good rational stuff which it is perfectly okay to be anxious over. I have found that writing it all down helps a lot. Try and figure out why you feel anxious and it loses it's power somewhat. Little CBT exercises can help rating your anxiety out of 1-10, noting your response to it (what you did), and then re-rating it. That can help highlight what works for you. It sounds a bit long winded to write it all down but it really does help x
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