Funny Alcoholic Mind Games

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Funny Alcoholic Mind Games

As I go further into sobriety this time most of the daily heavy cravings have vanished but an odd reflex has remained.

Wherever I may be things occasionally will remind me of beer, look like beer, sort of resemble beer but it usually looks comical.

My wife and I visited a County Fair near us yesterday and I could swear that every booth we approached with Neon lights was selling Beer. It made me chuckle at one point, like an oasis in the desert when you are dying of thirst. Almost like a clown, popping up in all sorts of odd spots. Walking the Dogs this morning past the park, a brown soda bottle was surely a beer at first glance.

These small distractions don't bother me much though, they are more amusing than troubling. It is the big stress induced cravings at the end of the day that still haunt me. Slowly but surely they are getting less though. I just have to keep on keeping on to another sober day.

Have a great alcohol free day everyone.
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I can totally relate. On the plus side, at least I don't wonder if I'm really an alcoholic anymore! What normie would have that experience?
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When those odd flashes make me pause, I take a long 1000 yd stare at the situation and smile. That urgency that I would feel, driving me hard and fast to the nearest drink, is just a bad joke now. I get the last laugh on this one.

I enjoy reading your reflections, SudzNoMore. Thanks.
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I've noticed this too recently. I always see an empty bottle on the ground assume its a liquor bottle but it's just either a water bottle or even just a regular bottle for juice or something.
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