nearly 1 month still get urge to drink.

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nearly 1 month still get urge to drink.

I have only drank half a bottle of wine in the last month.....

but I still get the urge to drink every few days......

how long were you dry for when the cravings stopped?
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Well nearly 7 months here and I still get very strong cravings , not all the time but sometimes.

Just got to really look at what they are..just cravings.

Just ride em out /ignore/sing a song /do handstands whatever, they come in waves let them crash.

have a good day.
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I ll be sober a month on Monday,
Its the first thing i think about when i wake up everyday grr

AA Meetings and this forum help me loads ,plus repeating to myself i WILL NOT be beaten.

I find its when im on my own , never crosses my mind when im with my bf or friends.But then ive always been an alone,sneeky drinker who hid it and pretended i hadnt been drinking (even though i was slurring , smelt of vodka and repeated myself constantly ).

Im sure the urge lessens overtime .

Stay strong

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Eveyone is different. I'm two and half years sober and I still remember the drink. I wouldn't say they are cravings, but the memory of drinking is alway present.

When I get a carving, or thought of drinking, I think of the ramifications it'll bring. All that hard work to stay sober, the misery of drinking and the hangovers.

Keep positive. Stay busy. Think of that first drink and the misery that awaits you if you take it.

Best to you.
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I have 4 years sobriety. While in active alcohlism, I was unable to go a week before the desire to drink was too much.
I was medically detoxed and went through rehab. Upon leaving rehab, I joined AA and began working the 12 steps. Within the first few weeks of working the steps the desire to drink was lifted from me. I have not felt the urge to drink since.
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Well there is two aspects to that, the physical craving and the psychological.

I'm not sure how long the physical cravings last for... but I think the psychological are the ones to watch out for. In reality I was only really physically addicted to alcohol for the last year of my drinking but I still had a strong urge to drink before that.

I found it useful to think of them in terms of conditioned responses. Like Pavlov's dogs. Everytime I come across a situation where I would normally drink then I will get a craving. Sometimes it feels like it comes out of the blue but if I really think about it I can usually find there is an explanation, like the start of summer, first sober holiday, first time I came home after a stressful day, whatever my usual 'triggers' were. If I can think of the cause then I find that the craving loses it's power somewhat. I reckon I will have a lot of 'firsts' to get through before the cravings subside though. There is a lot of things (ie everything) which I associate with drinking, so until I get through all of them I will expect the odd craving.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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By the end of 2 months in AA.....I was back in balance
physically and mentally...

Meaning I've had no obcession or cravings since then.

For many of us...stopping drinking was only the beginning
of finding a new life sans alcohol...
I wanted more and so grateful I have found it.
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I really noticed it let up for me at about the 3 month mark. Of course very little of that was like the first couple weeks. But my last really close call was at 6 months. I don't know what it was,but it was bad. I pulled into the liquor store,and opened the car door. Thats as far as it got. I slammed the door and left,and said wait until tomorrow. That was the last close call I had. But it was a tuff one. I havn't heard many people say this is easy (the ones that have I don't believe) But it's soooo worth it.
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It took about six weeks before I started really losing that urge to drink daily. Give it more time.
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I am around 16 months and the cravings were real bad first 90 days and creep up from time to time. The longer I go the easier it is. Stick with and you will get easier and easier
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i had the cravings for a while, then when they were no longer there, i was able to work on me( with AA) and become sober.
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