Running through the desire

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Running through the desire

I was on my way to my usual spot at the very top of the mountain. It is a nice quiet trail, flat and easy with no view but I still like the best for it's serenity. About half way there I had the usual maddening impulse that I get most days around the afternoon. I decided to stop at a the closest trail up and walk. I knew it was brutal having done it before but I didn't care at that moment. I needed to get out of the car and walk, nothing else was going to stop it and I knew it.

I started up with the dogs running, the young male in the front and the Pomeranian in the back. I knew she wasn't going to make it up by herself as her lungs are too little and she can't handle the strain so I carried her after about a quarter mile.

By the top my heart was pounding but the cravings were gone and I took the rest of the way at a leisurely pace and made it to the crest. The dogs and I took a little break on a rock overlooking the mountainside and then headed back. Just another day on my way towards sobriety. Whatever it takes this time. I am just tired of giving in, I want enough time to pass by that maybe, just maybe these crazy cravings will lessen a little.

I made my way to another sober day. Here are a few pics of the Summit and the descent.

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Great job. It looks beautiful there.
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I wish I had a mountain to climb to quell my urges to drink.
I do have a nice creek to run/walk by...
Thanks for the inspiration!
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I looked like that holdin beer
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Dude, I can see you take your sobriety seriously! Trudging up the mountain carrying the little dog (so cute BTY). Great shots too. I love getting back to nature sometimes its a great feeling, and that exercise beat the cravings right out of you - Ha!

Take care Sudz and good for you!
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Thanks for sharing that. I have similar vivid memories of specific leaps in my sobriety journey. Where I actively chose to fight and do something different.
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