Do alcoholics tend to struggle with other drugs?

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I never had trouble quitting dope. I enjoy not coughing all the time. Alcohol, however, is proving a huge challenge.
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i am an alcoholic adicted to more of what makes me feel good and it doesnt even have to be a substance that goes in my body.
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Alcoholics have "extreme" desires for some things that satisfy a craving/need/want.

Certainly we crave other drugs/medications to excess.

I have the same problem with food/peanuts/potato chips/chocolate/sex/work/entertainment etc.

My first sponsor said: "Show me an alcoholic and I'll show you someone with a ______ (fill in the blank) problem ... too much or too little".

All the best.

Bob R
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It is interesting idea. While struggling to deal with one addiction, there might be two, three, four other smaller addictions going on as well. For me alcohol is the gateway to all my other dependencies.

The problem being, alcohol is proving to be the hardest to stop, so my brain is telling me to try to ease the craving by dabbling in other feel good activities. My thinking is it is not a good idea to go down that road.
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I think that everyone gravitates toward pleasure and away from pain. This is basic human nature, could it be that some of us just found extreme pleasure in alcohol and other mind altering substances while others did not?
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