goin to detox

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goin to detox

Hi everyone
here it is:
Had a long self destructive weekend. Thought I was going to take off for good. Gave thewife a courtesy call . Then when to a buddy's place. Woke up and figured out there are cops in two towns looking for me, wondering if im dead. Parents picked me up, don't know how they found me, but they are taking me to the dry out. So a good vaca for me.
I will post later if I can.
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Hi defense,

I know it's easy for me to say, at this point, but there is always something better out there. Believe me, I've been where you are. I still remember someone saying to me "if you can't believe there's hope, believe that I believe there's hope". Let that be good enough for now. Sounds like you have lots of people who care about you. Now just work on you caring about you. Wish you the best of luck in detox.
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I looked like that holdin beer
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Hope going to "dry out" is something you want for yourself even more then they want it for you, or it will not work.

Keep us posted defense, we all want to see your make it!
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No, this was my idea. Obviously I cannot continue the way it is, I will get hurt. Jusr looking off it now.
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Good luck in your program-sounds like you're ready to make a change, not an easy step, but a big step in getting well again!
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Well, I am glad you see that you need help and you are going through with it before anything irreversible happens. I wish I would have been as smart as you! With sobriety you have so much to look forward to. Best wishes.
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Good idea ...hope this works out for you...
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Look at this as an opportunity to get your life back together, not something you just need to endure. In other words, you gotta "want" sobriety if detox is going to do you any good. Best wishes!
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Well, the thing is, I am hating the waste of time in here. Its all because I am not dealing with life very well. In all honesty, this weekwas my first week living all alone. Didn't think I'd handle it like this. Boy do I got work to do.
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Thought I coold clarify . I feel like I am losing three days of life. I. Am brought up to be productive which this isn't. Then I wonder about work and evertything else. What do i do now? Therapy ? Etc.
Confused, guess that is why i am here.
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