accepting your faults is key

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accepting your faults is key

I am finally able to accept the fact that im an alcoholic! By doing this a weight seems to be lifted off my shoulders. Knowing that I am not like the average social drinker, I cannot ever let myself get back to the place I was in. Although its only my 3rd day sober, this time it feels so much different. I have finally accepted the fact that I am powerless against alcohol and there is no good that comes from drinking. Im done poisioning myself, and cant wait to get my life back on track. No more late nights wanting more after finishing a 750 ml of brandy. No more disappointing my family, and setting a bad example for my kids. I accept what I am and that will help me never go back.
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Good job! You will be happier and your family definetly will be!

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NoPainNoGain 3 days sober! You are FANTASTIC.Congratulations.
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Congrats! I feel exactly the same way FREE because I have finally admitted my problem with drinking and I do not have to hide the fact any longer. :ghug3
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Good for you That was a cornerstone in my recovery too. What a relief to admit it after so many years of fighting.
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Early on....while in an AA meeting....I checked out the others who were
calmly sitting there...smiling ..chatting...looking healthy and clear eyed.

Wow! that is what I wanted to be.....and now I AA recovered alcoholic....

All my best as you continue your sober journey...
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Originally Posted by NoPainNoGain916 View Post
I have finally accepted the fact that I am powerless against alcohol and there is no good that comes from drinking.
I, too, am on day 3. And the biggest reason that this time is different (I've had many small attempts to quit in the past) is because I have also finally accepted that I am powerless over alcohol. In the past my main motivators for quitting were to lose weight, to not have bad hangovers, for my physical health, to not seem so messed up to others, etc. I would hem and haw over the idea that maybe I could drink moderately, that I wasn't "really" an alcoholic, that I still functioned pretty well, that lots of other people drank and were fine, that I needed the happy buzz of alcohol, and on and on. So many excuses, so many half-hearted attempts to cut back. But now I am ready to admit it. I just can't handle drinking.

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I too had to accept that I was an alcoholic. Rather than choose to drink and stay stuck in chronic alcoholism, I have to accept the fact that drinking is no longer an option for me.
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It gets easier with time. Welcome. Make a plan and stick to it.
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This is a very important realization. Now, what you doing about staying sober? It's important to have a program that offers support because denial is always perched on our shoulder. This disease is cunning, baffling and powerful.
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Going to my first AA meeting tonight after work!!
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Amen Tara. I have tried to fool myself into thinking I can be a social drinker so many times. The fact is: I can't handle alcohol either!!!
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