Minnesota Gopher State Roundup

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Minnesota Gopher State Roundup

Did anyone attend any of the Gopher State Roundup this past weekend? I went Friday night and listened to Jenny from Dallas speak. It was wonderful! They also did a sobriety thing where everyone stood up and if your were under a year, you sat. Under 5 years, you sat etc etc... One guy on Friday night had 58 years of sobriety! All by attending meetings and following the steps.
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I love those extra AA things...conventions and round ups especially
Glad you went and share part of it with us...

BTW the next International Convention .held each 5 years
2015 is the date...
will be in Atlanta...the nearest city to me.
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didnt go there, but have been to the march round up in dearborn,mi. they are awesome and a LOT of great meetings. the open speaker on friday nite had 28 years sober. she was 42 at the time of the round up. what a story!!!! the count down was cool. people from 24 hours up to 53 years sober.
did ya sit back and think estimate how many years of sobriety were represented there???
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I saw the title of this Thread, didn't understand what it meant, and planned on throwing a jab at Minnesota sports (from a friend south of you )...Anyway, obviously I won't do that given the nature of what the Thread meant.

Sounds like it was awesome though! People that go to these types of things have positive things to say about them, and seem really pumped...I'd like to go someday...though I'm not in AA and not sure if its appropriate. Glad you had a good time though.
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I've heard some really great tapes from the Gopher St Roundup but never went there myself. ........yet.

Hey tomsteve.... I was at Dearborn too (just Friday night tho). Maybe see ya at Area 33 or maybe the State deal with it's back in SE Mich.
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