Recovery Literature Thread

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Recovery Literature Thread

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to post, share, and talk about all of the recovery literature out there, both AA approved and non, including spiritual readings. This is my list...

Big Book
Twelve and Twelve
Came to Believe
As Bill Sees It

Non AA-
The Little Red Book- Great little guide to the twelve steps.
Undrunk- A.J. Adams- Skeptic's story of his first year in AA, really has a down to earth intro to the program, including parts that cover the fears and inhibitions of those initial months in the rooms.
One Day at a Time- Hazelden Press daily reading, it's what we read in my home group, I like to be prepared since I secratary that meeting.
Understanding the Twelve Steps- Terrence Gorski- Gorski is a virtual demigod of recovery medicine and therapy. Has helped me tremendously as a support guide to the BB and 12&12. Covers the twelve steps in casual, laymen's terms brilliantly.

The Tao of Pooh- Benjamin Hoff- The way of the Tao as told using as an example the one western Tao master, Winnie the Pooh. Great read, and really opened my eyes to the basic mysteries of the Tao.

Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Ching- My daily spiritual guides I use to keep my focus and balance in sobriety and life.

Post what you got, comments and discussion welcome. I personally am looking to different translations of the Tao(I've been meaning to pick up Ursula LeGuinn's, looks great) or other books on eastern mysticism and religion. I also would be very interested in AA centric memiors.

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  1. "Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction" by Jack Trimpey
    Describes a method for self-recovery known as AVRT.
  2. "The Easy Way to Quit Drinking" by Allen Carr
    Also a method of self-recovery, but from a very different angle. Might provide some motivation to quit.
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Per previouse guiadance from TU above (thanks by the way) I am about 9/10ths of the way through the easy way to quit drinking and am about to take up TU's challenge of going 24 hours with out the sauce and then get through rational recovery, we will see what i find out, im looking forward to it.

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Ill have to get some of those books.
This one is like a workbook, but its perfect for the withdrawal effects/helping through the big recovering process. ie, the overwhelming emotions, anxiety, depression and low self esteem. and helps you learn to stay on track and make goals.
You just have to be really dedicated to quitting and helping yourself progress.

"The cognitive Behavioral Workbook for anxiety" by William J. Knaus
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