Name one word that best describes your sobriety

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TRULY ALIVE, finally

ok I know it's three words
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"authentic" because that is who I am now
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We Do Recover
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Originally Posted by switchboard View Post
"Freeing" (or Freedom) is the first word that came to mind for me too.

I still can't believe how FREE I feel, even after a year+ sober. Is this what "real life" is supposed to feel like? YES!
ha that makes me smile. It's so funny b/c when I was drinking I thought how great it was to be able to get that buzz as often as I did. And now that I'm sober I'm like "aha! So THIS is why most people are not raging alcoholics".
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right now, challenging. Day 2.
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Day 9 for me and right now the word scary comes to mind for some reason. I think it's fear of relapse. Fear of not having excuses anymore and having to take charge of my life. Fear of finding out who I actually am when addiction is stripped away.

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At week three? A mixture of frustration and annoyance with brief sessions a profanity directed at inanimate objects.
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