Sociopath, (sobriety) is it worth the time

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Sociopath, (sobriety) is it worth the time

I'm 47, a drunk/xanax user for 30 years. I've always been a bit "off". In retrospect, I'd consider myself a sociopath, one who used others, had no empathy, very selfish, hated/envied all, just a miserable person. Now sober for almost 6 months, the honeymoon of rehab and sobriety is wearing off, my impulses are coming back, I'm tense, can't sleep, anxious, sweaty, nervous, these are physical, the mental are resentments and apathy and I'm wondering, is the old me just coming back.

I do AA, I read, I Kinda pray, but I'm certainly a "half measure" guy. I just got a sponsor, do I share this, is it all worth it. I felt so good for months, now I just don't know.

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Well, Krug, what do you have to lose by giving recovery and working the steps your all? You will never know unless you do it. Stop telling yourself you are a "half-measures" kind of guy. If you can choose half-measures, you can certainly choose full-measures. If you don't like the results, you can always go back to being miserable. Susan
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The brain is an organ just like the liver. Only, when the brain is messed up in some physical way, problems can sometimes manifest in psychological ways. Not all psychological problems are caused by an ailing brain, of course. But some are, including some that psychiatrists and regular doctors don't know are caused by physical condition of the brain.

I can tell you, niacinamide and a diet consisting almost entirely of bananas took me from feeling dead/angry/tired all the time, to feeling love and having energy, being hard to anger and having lots of patience. Took 3 weeks of consistency. (Alas, I have since careened off that diet and supplements, and back into overeating and junk food. Consequently, brainworms are coming back.)

I cannot post a link yet because I am new. But if you type in youtube dot come, and then tack this on to the address, you will get Dr. Abram Hoffer talking about Bill W. and alcoholics: /watch?v=PH1_v0zh_gk

If you want to know about how to eat a diet with lots of fruit without doing it in an unhealthy way, go to 30bananasaday dot com and do research.

Dr. Abram Hoffer's work was mostly with schizophrenics, but he worked with others with different problems as well, with good success. It is worth investigating.
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here's your link, boodee : YouTube - ‪Dr Abram Hoffer‬‏
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