Had my day in court....

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Had my day in court....

Well, things didn't go the way I had hoped...lost my license for a year...1500 fine...criminal rates will go up....totally blew my mind....I'm down but I'm not defeated!!! I will get through this...I will survive....I am not my past...I am not my charges...I am not my criminal record!! I am ME a wonderful soul who makes mistakes....and is now paying for them.....but has learned a huge lesson..... I won't lie and say that I didn't feel like getting so wasted just to forget....but I didn't.... I went shopping instead!!

here's to putting all the crap behind us!!!
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Well, you're not in jail!

What did you buy? LOL

One step at a time.
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High on Life
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Work you be able to apply for a business purposes license??
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Posts: 145 quit drinking.....this will be a breeze Live and learn
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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...You did not drink over this ...that is super!

I'm going to close the other thread and link it back to this one.
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I'm glad it's over
Your attitude is great!

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If you don't drive for a year, isn't your insurance rate increase a non-issue (at least for a year)?

Anyway, the court stuff isn't hanging over your head, at least you know what you are dealing with.

You didn't drink, and as I understand it you don't have any more consequences to face for your drinking. Stay strong, this will pass.
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The year will go quickly. I'm glad its behind you, and you are now facing forward.
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I'm glad you're moving forward and that you feel positive about your recovery.
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Thanks for sharing your story with us. I appreciate it.
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A work in progress
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Sorry the consequences were a little heavier than you were hoping for, but this is something you can deal with. Glad you are maintaining a good attitude about it--the resentments are what get us.
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Non op your vehicle, talk to your insurance agent and get the insurance on your vehicle that covers things like the garage falling on it, etc. and stick the money you save into a savings account to help with court costs, etc.

Blessings come in all sorts of packages.
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Thanks so much friends..... Feeling good....with no desire to drink!!!! alcohol will not get the better of me AGAIN.... Good point on the resentment true....You have to live with a grateful heart....find the good in everyday....and live the life we are meant to...
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So, no diversion program options up there? The courts are getting much tougher here on DUI's; offenders will have to get an interlock device on their vehicle as part of their sentence.

Yes, life goes on and things will be even better!

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Thank you for sharing. You have shown such strength of character over the past 16 months, I would think this, in comparison, is a hurdle that will be buried by your own will and decency.
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I have always said that one of the best things to have happened to me was my second DUI, it got me sober.
Yes, you are so right, we are not our past, we just learn from it.
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I'm sure happy you have whatever it takes to look this in the eye without touching a drop. For me, I would be in full blown crisis mode, so with that I have to say I'm glad you are here so I can learn from you.
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Make sure it doesn't happen again, depending on your state laws a 2nd within xamount of time could be a felony, then you will "BE" your charge, unable to work,etc,etc.
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