One week

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One week

I have made it one whole week. Went through a very trying time onThursday, with family issues that involve my 78 year old mom, which made me have to bite my tounge and want to calm the tenseness with at least ONE drink. After my "conversation" with my mom, I asked my hubby to go buy me just one "BIG" beer. Not because I had been drinking (hadn't had a drop), but because I knew if "I" went to the store, I would probably come back home with more than just "one big beer". He said, "I promised you I would...and I will, but you have done SO good...Do you really want to throw that away?" He challenged me to think about that, and I changed my mind. It was hard. And thanks to his encouragement and support, I resisted, and on top of that, because I didn't give in, I got a whole bunch of cleaning done. Instead of wallowing in self pity and vowing, yet again, to never ever drink, I was able to be productive and realize the positivity that comes from saying "no"-that, that fleeting feeling of desperation will only lead to regret.I battled and won!. My hubby is my AA, even though some might not agree with the fact that he will go buy for me, just the dissappointment in his eyes has, so far, been enough to make me say no. It's working for me. And I love my man.

...........Well, I love my man, but don't quote me on that on a day he's pissed me off.
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A week is great - Congratulations sanddollar!! I'm glad your husband helped you stop and think things through. Weekends can be rough - but the more we say no to that drink, the stronger we get.

Just thinking about how I want to feel in the morning often does it for me. Keep hanging in there!!!
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Congrats on Week 1! That's a gets easier from here. Hang in there! Sounds like you have a good man who really cares about your well being.
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Posts: 107 REALLY don't know how much it meant to get your reply. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I'm having a hard time, but don't want to throw away what I have accomplished. It is 12:12 a.m. where I live. My hubby is in bed, and I'm about to follow, but, thanks to you, I have a heart on my shoulder that reminds me someone cares. Seriously, you just don't know how much it meant to read your response before I headed off to bed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
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Re:One week

Congrats...sand-dollar on being one week sober.

Anybody can do this, just look at us. I haven't had a drink in almost 10 years -one day at a time. The choice you made probably saved your life, and one that will pay many dividends over the course of time. We will be here to support you every step of the way. our little family and congrats...once again.

~God bless~ 7

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Yay Sand dollar! You're so lucky to have someone who cares. Keep up the great work! :ghug3
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AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!
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Awww that's wonderful that you have that kind of support in your husband and that you've made it to a week - congrats!! Be proud of that and it'll keep getting better. Don't take that support for granted, I only wish I had that with mine. Take care of yourself!!! I am rooting for ya

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Good to know of your progress...
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keep it up and stay strong, congrats!
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