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One day at a time.
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1 Liter of vodka a day for months on end...

Hell everyone,

I am new to this site Sober Recovery. I fear for my health. I have been sober since yesterday and have cut back the best I can since January 5th. I went to a meeting between now and then.

I have some issues that scared me during my drinking and I wanted to see if anyone out there experienced the same thing and if they still have their health.

During some of my dirnking spells I would feel burning sensations in my body one where I thought my liver may be.... And at other times where I believe my kidneys are. It only happened a few times and they feel fine now. But when my drinking was really really bad..... it has been bad for almost 2 years now.... but during my really bad moment this is when it started. I really dislike drinking now. Everytime I drink I feel so sick the next day - I am trying my best not drink.

My second problem is I live with someone who uses something else. And he does it once a week sometimes twice and I do it with him since it's there. I already told him my body can no ttake this anymore. And I am looking into programs for the future.

I am 25 I weigh about 130 now (muscle not fat) and I am 5'4 - And I know I can not keep going on like this.

I am going to get a little personal here. I have a daughter I gave custody to my father and my step mother. For past four years I had not been around much - but just recently in May of last year I made an extra hard effort to see her ( I never used around her - never will). Now since I have been seeing my daughter through my mother who legally has visitations my father demanded that I can not do that and now is taking me to court. I am going on Thurs. I really hope the judge suggests I go into a program. Therefore I do not have to worry about missing a court date. This is why I say I am going ot go to aprogram in the future.

This is all so very hard on me and it is very hard to stay sober. But I really do want this.
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Are you able to visit a doctor? Please be honest when you do go.

All you can do is change your life, and create a new one.

Your child will need a sober mom. You can change and create a healthy, happy life.

You mentioned that you have been to a meeting. I would encourage you to keep going, and meet up with some strong sober women to have a support group helping you.

Best wishes to you.
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One day at a time.
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Thank you for your reponse. I am trying my best. I was at the hospital a little pver 2 weeks ago. Bf and I had a bad arguement a would and the cops were called they suggeseted I go to the hospital. I thought they would help me detox all they did was make sure I was under the legal limit gave me two librium and kicked my ass out. They did do blood work and took an x-ray. If anything were wrong I am sure they would have said something.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Drinking and drugging are simply unhealthy for everyone.
Only a doctor can assess whatever damage you have
done....and give you a treatment plan for improvement.

I do AA for my alcoholism...it's very beneficial in all areas of my life.

Why are you in a dangerous abusive relationship with a drug user?
That's awfully risky.

Hope your court date works out to the good of everyone.
Each Day Sober Is A Victory!!
Joy In AA Recovery!

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hi and welcome missmycology to SR

Glad you made it here there's a lot of information in posts and a lot of support.
l agree, you should see a GP for a check up to make sure everything is ok,
it can be very dangerous detoxing without supervision and you may even need medication.
Having said that... good on you for taking charge of your life.
A recovery plan can help, AA offers face to face support.

The first step towards change is acceptance.
Once you accept yourself you open the door to change.
Change is not something you do, it's something you allow.
Will Garcia.
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One day at a time.
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Change is so scarey - I have to get sober before and my emotions always seem to get the best of me... I drank to forget - and then just a few months ago I had about 2 months this was back in May... Then I started to remember.... I know I do need medication. I am self medicating right now I am taking the lowest dose of Xanax every 8 hours - not only for withdrawl but I am having constant panic attacks... I self medicated with alchole for that too. I never took Xanax while I drank it's too risky. And I do not want to get hooked on that either. When I recently went to rehab I learned that it's a Benzo just like Librium. So it's helping. But I still feel sick. Just not as sick if I weren't taking them.
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Be careful with all of that, you should consider being under the direct supervision of a physician while you do this detox... self medicating ain't good. I know this to be true from personal experience. It wasn't until I was under supervision (Wow, I am such an independent minded person I hate even typing that word!!) that I was able to get free of all that crap... pills, alcohol.

Reach out and ask for help. Sounds like you've got nothing to lose and everything (your life) to gain!!
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Have you considered going to a doc before you go to court and asking him
to write out a recommendation for a detox program for you? You can show it
to the judge who might then suggest one for you.
Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. - Peter Marshall
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Just a thought on the medical tests...I've taken my AW to the ER several times when she was in really bad shape, and I've found that most hospital ER departments don't have much interest in doing anything beyond stabilizing the patient and referring them out. This seems especially true in cases of alcohol or drug overdoses, because most of the time the patient isn't motivated to follow through on all necessary tests.

Getting into a detox facility was a hugely different experience for her. They understood the physical needs and were very supportive and knowledgeable about other local resources. I don't know where you are in your process or what you're looking for, but if you're concerned enough about your health to be asking questions like this you should check with a primary care doctor and get some better tests arranged. If nothing else it will be HUGE peace of mind.
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