Feels bad to miss a meeting

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Feels bad to miss a meeting

Hi Folks,
Still doing well - I have been to quite a few meetings these last few days, and still doing well. But this evening, though I set off, I turned back, and did some shopping instead. Felt proud to walk past the alcohol and not be tempted, as I would have been a couple of weeks ago. But when I got home I did feel bad for not going. I knew I was making excuses e.g., feeling too tired; son's birthday etc.
So I guess my point is - not to get too complacent, as that is how a slip can start. Although I'm still sober, I should have gone to that meeting tonight, because it strengthens me, and I never regret going to a meeting.
Still, I'm pleased to say I AM sober, and now going to watch "Frasier" with my sons.

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Thanks for your post Sally. I am someone who is teetering on whether to go to a meeting or not. You have inched me closer to going.
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family matters and shopping also need to be taken care of.
Hope your son enjoyed his special day....

I did go to a noon meeting....shared my phone number
with 2 rather new women
Then a friend and I had lunch....follwed by sgrocery shopping.

Keep moving forward.....recovery is a journey
not a destination......
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Thanks Julez and Carol,
Julez - I'm so glad I may have encouraged you to go to a meeting. It's SO worth it. I know I can't give advice on this site, but I'm crossing my fingers you do go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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It's good that you see that Sally. No, meetings don't keep us sober but staying involved in the program has it's advantages.

I heard a speaker refer to it like we're all antelopes on the plains and alcoholism is the lions. They're stalking us and they're gonna pick a few get yer butt into the MIDDLE of the herd - the middle of the program. Get involved, stay involved.
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I like the antelope analogy. Very wise . And AA do say 'Half measures availed us nothing'. I know I need to put the same energy into my recovery as I did with my drinking. After all, I would have walked through fire to get a drink-I must do the same with the programme.
As one member told me, this illness wants us dead. So I must be a watchful antelope, and get into the middle of the herd. ..
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