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I'm not perfect yet but I completed my first significant bicycle ride in years the other day. Biking used to be important to me and it simply fell by the wayside over years of drinking - I could not have done this if I were still an active drunk. My victories are small and insignificant to many but I still take and relish them.

I offer my sincerest of thanks to this forum for the past six months or so of support.
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Good to hear your getting back to doing things you use to enjoy

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It's good to have you with us, MeAndOnlyMe

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Isn't it great to wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning without a hangover & wondering about the night before.

Keep up the rides
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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i've done my almost
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Nice post.

I too have been enjoying the benefits of sobriety (P90x, running, biking). All of which I talked about, but never really did.
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I rhode my bike on Saturday and actually thought about how great it is to be sober and outside doing something good for my body today...It is a victory on your part indeed.
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Good job, me...glad you're feeling good! I just ordered a bike last week..should be in this week. I've never been a cyclist, but a friend convinced me to buy a decent one, so I'm gonna try to get into it. He calls it his 'sober machine' I'm hoping it'll help me get my mind on the right track.
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You'll never regret owning a "decent " one. I just started riding a nice hybrid this week before work. I still have my old piece of junk that I used to wreck ; ..cruising while drunk
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Originally Posted by NewBeginning010 View Post
Isn't it great to wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning without a hangover & wondering about the night before.

Keep up the rides

I'm happy just waking up on Sat and Sun now instead of just crashing after a week of continuous stress and self-medication for years on end.
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Good for you!!! My hobby is motorcycling and I wouldn't drive it drunk...... I hear ya! Congrats you are on the way!!!!!
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