Best Christmas Ever!!!

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Smile Best Christmas Ever!!!

Merry Christmas!!

I am so excited about this Christmas....last year I was lying about my drinking, sneaking in drinks whenever I a horrible relationship...just very unhappy.

This year I am a little over 10 mths sober and this will be the my first Christmas single...ever! I am spending tonight at my daughters. This is my granddaughters first Christmas and I get to be there in the morning to watch her open gifts!!

I am very blessed.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas everyone!!!
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Great Post!!! Good to hear some positivity on here!!!

Happy Christmas!!! This will be my first sober christmas eve for a very many years!!!!!! No regrets/remorse/paranoia/anxiety/guilt/shame/hopelessness/craving for me tommorrow!!!!! That reminds me why I must never take that first drink!!!

Peace and Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I am so blessed also. The pain of my divorce from XAH has lessened. I have 5 1/2 years sobriety. I have started learning about my code issues. I have a safe comfortable place to live. My life has switched from negative to positive. Merry Xmas everyone. I am very grateful for SR.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

A sober celebration is marvelous....
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Awesome, Gemmie!
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What a blessing! With a bit over 6 months under my belt, this will be my first sober Christmas in years, and I'm really enjoying myself! I had forgotten what it was like to enjoy this season, and I'm rediscovering how truly wonderful it is.
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This is my first sober Christmas in probably 30 years.
I have got off work at noon on Christmas eve for probably the last 20 years. Which is when I did my shopping. But the first thing I always bought was a 12 pack.
I don't have much family left, but my shopping was done a month ago. I do soooo much enjoy being sober, Usually by now on Christmas eve I was halfway crocked. Now I can just relax, and cook some taters.
Merry Christmas
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Psalm 118:24
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I love a heart warming post like this
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Gemmie, your post, I guess, will make some people feel jealous of you! Jealousy is not a nice feeling in common situations. But in your case, it is something that will make them choose the right way at last.

Merry Christmas to you, your granddaughters and everybody!
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Good stuff have a great day:-)
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