Xmas strategies to avoid relapse?

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Sorry I did not check that link
Thanks yeahgr8 for posting the correct one.
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Originally Posted by HarryB View Post
but drank...

Please share your tips and strategies whether you be new to sobriety or long term sober.
My tip is find out if you're an alcoholic or not. If you are, become 100% responsible for your alcoholism and find a recovery program and follow it. I go to A.A. and we just did a set of steps, like we do every year. We do 4 through 9 from September 1st and are done with amends (9th step) by Thanksgiving and we breeze right on through the Christmas and New Years season without a problem. In fact, we even enjoy the holidays and can be present wherever we go... to our jobs, our families, around other alcoholics who need hope and the opportunity to serve, friends, etc.

Give yourself the gift of responsibility. If you're going to get and stay sober, you need to find help from those who are doing so successfully and do what they do. It takes work, but it's worth it. Holidays can be tough, but we don't need to play that game. True alcoholism doesn't wear a watch... and as my buddy Rob says, neither does God.
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Some good stuff here... I am into my second Christmas season free of alcohol. Last Christmas kind of sucked because, although I didn't drink, my alcoholism was still untreated. I am 52 years old and drank since I was 12. I remember my first Cold Duck holiday toast, the bourbon I snuck up to my room...

It's not about me this year. It's about my family, my loved ones, the people I work with... I no longer care about alcohol. I can't drink.

This year I am learning to be free of self... I matter, to God, my family, but not to myself. And that's a much higher level of freedom.

Happy Christmas.

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Christmas is only a week - I was told by guy in recovery that he would not throw sobriety away for a mere week
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I would do what it takes. If I could be around people and drink something else I would go. If I was uncomfortable I would not. I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought mostly drinks;eggnog,apple cider (I love it hot), grapejuice I mix with seltzer, half and half for coffee,orange juice......there are plenty of other drinks. I spent last year around drinkers and this year I said no thanks. You are right. They do not understand.
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