Home again, Home again

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Home again, Home again

Wow, what a whirlwind tour of the eastern US... not 48 hours after returning from 2 weeks on the road, we were called for a fill-in gig in FL. On the boat, off the boat, then to Nashville, St Louis, Knoxville and finally home.
The husband was an angel for the first half of the trip, but on Thursday Satan crawled up his ass and he is intolerable right now. We spent all 9 hours of the trip from knoxville in silence. Not my favorite way to spend time... and so opposite the trip down.

Anyway, before the neverending trip home, I did have a cool hour or two with my good friend and mentor. We went to a noon meeting and he was there when I picked up my 90 day chip. That was really special for me and something I won't soon forget. There was a lot in the meeting about sponsorship... that felt relevant and I think I ought to really take it seriously.

Tomorrow? Up by 11. That's reasonable, and it will allow me to get things done and maybe get to the noon meeting here. That is, if the love-crazed cats don't smother me!

Husband is right to be angry with me about several things, but the way he chooses to act is utterly unacceptable. In another blog, I will list my shortcomings (I'm sure some of it will show up in step 4)- - I accept and acknowledge them, and am doing my best to make it right. Right now that's not enough... and it's ok that he's angry- -but he doesn't have to be an ******* about it every minute of the day.

Anyway, I'm home and I'm sober, and grateful for the things I do have going for me. Having my friend there today for my 90 day chip felt really good and that's what I'm going to hang on to tonight.
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