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Back on Wagon

Here to give and receive support. Have been dried out for about 2 weeks.

Went through a hellish last 2 years involving a brief marriage/divorce to a fellow addict. Inheriting some money that I subsequently blew. A meltdown that included my parents bailing me out. Started going to a private counselor and group sessions only to begin drinking again and lying about it (kept telling myself I was going to pull everything off). I think I have finally hit bottom and am determined to cut through my own BS to make this work.

Two weeks ago I bought a bottle of Bacardi with intentions of making Mojito's at my Girlfriend's for a bunch of people... Yeah right... Ended up drinking the whole thing talking to said GF and parents and not remembering what I said.
Have not communicated with parents either and am feeling better physically and mentally. Need to get on with my life and do something productive.

I have felt like crap for the last two weeks physically and mentally and emotionally have felt like a zombie (PAWS?).

Anyone have similar experiences??? Suggestions??

Thanks in Advance
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yeah, that bottle, it can beat you up bad.
it did me.

keep your focus on today, on not drinking today.
Forget yesterday.
And remember, the next drink will cause you pain.
Think "Drinking causes Pain. Drinking does NOT cause pleasure."
You need to drill that home.
Drinking is painful. No pleasure to be found there. None.
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Welcome to SR.....

Here is the info on PAWS

Post Acute Withdrawl - Relapse Prevention Specialists - TLC The Living Center

Have you considered a program for support?
AA has allowed me ro find a healthy productive
way of living sober.

Good to know you are here...
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good to hear your gettin sober! keep at it one day at a time dont think too far in advance.
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Hey man we all wish you the best on your journey. Honesty is tough but I have found it essential to my own recovery. Your taking the right steps congrats on the two weeks...
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At 2 weeks I started to feel human again. You are right at that point -- don't drink because it will be harder next time.

We did a lot of damage to our bodies and minds that WILL heal over time -- trust me. Eat three meals a day and drink lots of fluids. Don't feel guilty about getting a lot of rest.

Congrats on 2 weeks. Just don't drink today.
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Congrats on two weeks, very good work!

Have you tried an AA meeting? I know they're not for everyone, but for me I wouldn't have lasted two days without AA, much less two weeks.

Hang in there, you're doing great, and only good thing can come out of you choosing to stay sober!
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Just know that better days are ahead if you do not drink. Glad you are here. Congrats on two weeks. All you have to do is not drink today. You can do that, many before you have.
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Thanks everyone.... Definitely some PAWS type stuff going on (thanks for the info. Carol). I'm going to start AA again and find a sponsor with some serious sobriety under his belt. Have a lot of stuff i need to do that will be painful yet ultimately beneficial. Feeling physically better; I think I'm ready to start.

Has anyone had any experiences with SMART? I'm thinking of doing it in conjunction with AA. Perhaps I should start a new thread for this.

Also if there is anyone in the greater Phoenix are...Hit me up; I'm going to try to establish a new network of friends that don't drink or are in recovery and trying.

Thanks again.
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I like your most recent post Elegant.

It has the tone of a person ready to take charge, lose the excuses, and get on track.

Make it happen, use the people in AA for support, there are some good folks there.
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Glad ur back Elegantly. I also like the word "Elegantly"
in ur name. You must be an elegant lady?
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I did use SMART for another issue with positive results
after I had solid AA recovery from my alcoholism.

Please check this Forum ....

Secular Connections - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

You can find the SMART website here
with other options....

Forward we go...side by side.....
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