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Originally Posted by formerdrunk View Post
Tosh.. that's awesome... I like the mental games as well. I also loooooove whiskey, but unfortunately the consequences of the whiskey far outweight the positives. I made it through today (Day 4) and feel great. Thanks for the advice...
Just be careful if you plan to do similiar though. As I say, we alkies are ruddy devious bustards when we want to be; I wouldn't find it surprising if come Christmas I all of a sudden produce a bottle of whisky, drink it, and tell everyone, 'well I did say I was going to'.

But I hope that won't happen, keeping it in the day, I'll just work on my spiritual maintenance and continue to have the daily repreive from my alcohol obsession.

Hey, it's good to be free!
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Congratulations on 4 days, that's great work!

For most of us, it takes hitting bottom of sorts. Mine, while devastating to me, was rather shallow. I didn't lose any money, cars, get a DUI or physically hurt anyone. I did however, cause a great deal of emotional harm to people around me, and shamed myself incredibly. This is why many of us come to AA and accept it right away, because we're in such a troubled spot. If feeling physically ill, not wanting your life to continue in this direction is enough of a bottom for you, it would be a very shallow bottom indeed, but if it works, by all means use it. If you are an alcoholic (and only you can make that decision) then you're already destined to get yourself a much lower bottom if you continue to drink. It may take months, years, even decades as it did for some, but it's there waiting for you, I promise! Quit while you're ahead!

As we hear in 'How it Works', alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful. It will re-wire your brain and tell you that it's OK to drink, that you're not really an alcoholic. That's why the AA program is so important to many of us, to escape the mental obsession and to overcome this spiritual malady.

My only suggestion would be to focus on the similarities in the meetings, not the differences. Thinking "I'm not as bad as that guy" or "these people are way worse than I ever was" is a recipe for a relapse.

4 days is really tough to do, and I congratulate you on it! Hang in there, and please come back and share with us how you're doing!

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