Anyone lose weight after quitting drinking

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Great feel good stories. Makes me believe.

Ive lost two pounds so far. Long road ahead. But it is great to read these post.
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I haven't yet but it's only been 17 days, hehe
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Y'all's stories are encountering. 2 days sober here from that wicked demon ethanal.....I can't say whether you lose weight or not.....but I sure as hell know it packs the weight on ya. I've been on a roughly 3 year alcohol binge since my divorce and have gone from a healthy 6 foot 3, at 215 pounds to a very unhealthy 260. I'm hoping this weight comes off with not drinking a 12 pack and a pizza every night.
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How long does it take to start losing weight?

35 year old male, been drinking 2 bottles of wine a night for 5 years.
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I'm a 34 year old man, 6'1" and 55 days sober. Drank About an 18pk a night and any liquor that may have been present. I went from 240ish down to 208 in that time. A little bit of gym time, but have been a lot more active in daily life, eating better. Good incentive for me to stop drinking. And my old clothes for
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My only 2 cents to add here is this. Don't fret too much what the scales are saying, that will all work itself in the fullness of time as diet and your metabolism adjust to the new reality. The good thing that is happening to you without you knowing is that visceral fat will be reducing. That fat surrounding your liver and other organs is directly affected by alcohol. That fat is much more dangerous to you than the stuff you see. So this is all good news.
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I dropped 8 pounds in one month. But with my quitting drinking I started hitting the gym most days of the week.
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At 6 weeks sober here, female and have dropped at least 10 lbs.
And that is with eating chocolate daily
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47 year old male here.

I've lost 5 pounds in 12 days. My calorie intake from wine and the odd supplementary drink was about 2,400 calories a day - with food you could probably add another 1,500 calories.

I have been walking the dog and visiting the gym a few times since quitting on March 28th.

Back down from 202 pounds to about 197 pounds.
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I lost about 30 pounds in 6 months, but I exercise constantly. What's crucial is that I lost 4 inches off of my waist and cut about 8-10% body fat. If you do exercise, you'll find that your performance and recovery time will be outstanding provided you drink lots of water, eat balanced meals and get enough sleep.
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