I think i'm going out

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13 May 2009
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Congratulations Verity, sounds like you managed this situation like a sober queen and you have every right to be very proud of you achievement!!! Stay vigilant for your Bachorlette party, you are entitled to a sober life!

You also got some brilliant posts from everyone especially sfgirl, TTSOBT - I loved the advice guys
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Good for you, Verity!

I think that setting boundaries has been one of the most important things I have learned in recovery. If the work load is unfairly divided, it's great that you spoke up and had things corrected. And, the same about your bachelorette party.
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As others have said: there is not a lot that getting messed up will help but it can certainly hurt a lot.
I don't really care about consequences though. You know what they are and I don't think it is helpful to berate someone with what ifs and potential worst case scenerios. When I was using it's not like I ever thought about the consequences of my actions. The impulse to use/drink to deal with stressful problems is a symptom of the brain disease of addiction, not a rational response stress. So I am not sure it helps to explain rationally why it is a bad idea to use and all the horrible consequences that could ensue.
It is better to regonize your brain is working against you here and feel in your heart what the best thing to do is. It is understandable with all the stuff on your plate you are not getting to any meetings but that is not an excuse. You have to make your recovery your top priority: before kids, relationships, work. This is easier said than done but the only way you will be able to be there for those you love in a meaningful way is to put yourself and your recovery first. This is the moment where you need to be ratcheting up your meetings and recovery related stuff, even if that seems counter-intuitive because you are so busy.
I know it is a lot easier for me to type that than have to live it but I really think that is the right thing to do. There is a solution and it comes from action, not trying to think yourself into the right frame of mind. My two cents. Congrats on the wedding too--you have a lot to be thankful for.
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Consider this: Remember the misery and horrible impact on yourself and others (or whatever it was) that caused you to quit in the first place?

Is going out tonight worth erasing all of the progress you've made, away from all that?

There ya go.
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