Almost day 7, on Respirdal and I'm hurtin'.

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Thumbs down Almost day 7, on Respirdal and I'm hurtin'.

Not for booze or anything but my brain feels so out of it... I feel like I can't keep up in a fast paced conversation ... I'm upset honestly, and I'm so ocd about everything in my life... does anyone here think I have brain damage from all they recall about me or how I sound?
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I think you sound very normal. Your posts recently have been more clear and 'alive' than I have ever seen before.

Pain is normal Paulos- Personally, I don't think you have brain damage.

I drank much more than you, for a much longer time - and my brain is not damaged from it. It took time to feel better.

Did the Dr say anything about side affects from the new meds?

Take care Paulos- try to have a relaxing evening where you don't need to get into any fast paced conversations.

You are sounding better by the day.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Be gentle with yourself.
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I agree with Sugarspun Paulos, You are sounding better by the day.

Pain 'is' normal, but let your doctor know what is going on.

Hang in there you are doing GREAT! I'm proud of you! :ghug3
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I'm sounding better? I wish I FELT better :-p I wonder how long it will take... then I'll be really really great
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Lightbulb I exceeded day 7 and you can too...

Hi Paulos and all!

I started the thread "Back to Day One" a week ago; well, I'm on day 8 right now, alive, kicking, over-emotional, and somehow hyperactive. I fight cravings, a stubborn high blood pressure (160/100, on a regular basis), which I determined to stop medicating against, but my mind is as sharp as a razor blade. Believe me, so is yours. Unfortunately, it takes TIME, a whole lotta time to cure. Try to think of booze as of a whimsical, cunning, and deceptive mistress, who wants to keep you under her control at all costs. When she gets unbearably whimsical, think that you are married to a beautiful, supportive, non-henpecking woman, far better than her,and show her the door (sorry for this lame metaphorical scenario). The rest is in your mind... Hope this helped!

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Thank you bangoob.
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