relapse and detox

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relapse and detox

There's been lots of discussion on slips and relapses, and I had a question. If an A goes through detox and is "sober" for a period of time -- say 3-4 months, then relapses or has a few slips. At what point does he/she need to go through the detox process again?
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That is something that is going to be different for each individual.

There was a time when I could stop drinking without medical detox, but the last several times I have relapsed, I was unable to 'quit' on my own and required medication. I beleive that in my case the disease has progressed to this point.

But this is just me.
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That is up to a medical professional and the patient.

...I did not go to De Tox or a treatment center.
I got plain old AA sober.

Take care
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The beauty of sobriety is it's one of the few instances where your "wants" are more important that your "needs".
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hope-faith way to many variables, but as Carol says a doctor is the best one to determine that.

I will say that I had to go through medical detox, however if I did have a slip/relapse that was one drink or just a few days, I would not even think of going back into detox because I doubt that I would hit that physical dependance I had the first time I went through detox.

That being said if I had a major relapse of several months where I was drinking at the levels I was before I quit or more I would be seeing a doctor & more then likely would be going through detox again.

Every one is different, there are so many factors to take into consideration that a doctor is best to be consulted.

To be honest though I am not sure I have another recovery left in me, I know I have another drunk though if I ever let my spiritual condition deteriate to far.
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Hope Faith - thanks for posting this question. I needed to read it today and hopefully you will get alot of answers. My AH went to rehab 3 months ago. He had 98 days sober and has relapsed and drank fairly heavily the past 8 days. Today he is taking off of work to supposedly detox at home. I was also wondering just a few mnute before reading your post if it would be safe for him to do so. I don't want to call him cause 1) if he is sleeping, I don't want to wake him and 2) I don't want to get annoyed if instead of "detoxing" he is drinking. My best to you and I hope everything goes OK with your A.
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Terri good thoughts and prayers your way.
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As others have said..there are too many variables to give a pat response...
It is a progressive disease..we pick up where we left off and often it rapidly gets worse.. There are soem who relapsed for a day...but came right back in and resaddled...Others have chosen to go back into rehab to reestablish their foundation and make it stronger...
Talk with your doctor or health care professional...and pray about it..."The right answers will come"
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Let a medical professional make the call. Many do not need detox while others need and can't receive the services. I was a low bottom drunk and I needed medical attention only a fraction of the time that I sought it. Detox and Inpatient Treatment can be the quick fix to a number of issues outside of recovery. Escaping the pain is a drunk's first impulse and what better place than a Detox. If a Medical Profession will not admit, grab some tomato juice and soup; aspirin is optional. At least with the juice the chance of DT's are almost nonexistent. Prayer followed by constructive decisions and prompt action helps tremendously.

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There is a method to the madness concerning recovery Birthdays. Each milestone, 1,30,90,180,270,365 days and so on are the true markers of success in the midst of dramatic change. The body and mind are healing and each milestone is a reminder of how fragile truly are. If your drunk has answers, they are probably headed for a drink. If your drunk is not practicing, "I can't, He can, so why don't let him?" he or she will most probably fail.
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