I have a new sponsor!!!!

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I have a new sponsor!!!!

Hello everyone.

So, on Saturday morning, after a very difficult day and night Friday, where the obsession to drink started creeping up on me, I became desperate enough to reach out to a lovely lady in the fellowship and ask her if she would sponsor me. She said yes!! Axtually she said, it would be a pleasure. I thought, hmmm you haven't worked with me yet! The Will is strong in this one lol.

She has 17 years of sobriety, and most of all she literally radiates peace of mind and serenity! I want what she has for sure. So we are meeting on tuesday for a chat. In the meantime, I am climbing right back into the middle of the lifeboat. I know this stuff works. It is the ONLY thing that works for me. A spiritual solution.

I went to an early morning gratitude meeting today. I dont usually get to go as of I am off at the weekends my daughter is with me but because I am meeting an old friend today (someone I haven't seem since I got sober as I pushed her away when I was still drinking) my daughter is with her daddy so I set my alarm and got up early and went. It was a lovely meeting and I have so much to be grateful for.

I told my old sponsor that I have a new one and she wished wished. We were meant to be meeting for coffee tomorrow, I wanted to clean my side of the street but she said she will let me know in the morning so we'll see. She has so much on with her kids and a new college course. I have learnt so much from her but I feel I have made the right choice to move away now and to start my steps from the beginning again with this new lady.

Wanted to keep you updated as so many of you took the time out to reply to my last post.

Have a Super Sober Sunday everyone!!

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Terrific news, snitch!! What a nice post to see in my first visit to SR this morning. Keep us posted. Sounds promising indeed.
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It`s ok to stay sober
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that's good snitch,I hope it works out for you and her
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Snitch, you sound so happy with your decision regarding your new sponsor, that’s great news!
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What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing!! Good stuff!!
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I met my temporary sponsor when I was in a
28 day rehab stay. She was doing her service
work by going to the rehab and taking the new
comer to outside meetings.

I didnt know her from Adam, and was happy
first of all when I was given permission to leave
with her and go to a meeting.

Scared I was, nervous I was, yet, she guided me
along the way introducing me to folks she knew
in the program and allowing me to feel at ease
at those very first meetings.

As time went on and I completed my rehab stay
and aftercare program, I continued on my journey
following her, listening to her suggestions as she
guided me with her own actions in recover and life.

As an at home mom, wife, married life, I had to learn
to find balance in my program and everyday life. Taking
care of first things first and what I needed and wanted
to do to remain sober no matter what, I went to my
meetings, step studies, conventions, big book studies
and was able to meet up with my sponsor whenever

She became my one and only sponsor and was never
replaced because she represented everything I wanted
in a sober person. However, thru out my 29 yrs sobriety,
I have remain openminded to listening to all those sharing
their own ESH experiences, strengths and hopes of what
their life was and is like before during and after alcohol

I have used the fellowship of AA as a whole as
sponsors I can draw wisdom, strength and hope
from on a daily bases. If not in face to face
meetings which I did for yrs, but now, today,
here in SR.

I have had many role models to follow thru
out my life and many have been right there
in recovery guiding me along as folks I continue
to want to pattern my life after in recovery.

Those who live recovery in their everyday life
with the tools and knowledge learned along the
way to be the best person they can possibly be
in life today.

Good job on getting a new sponsor to guide you
as you continue on your own recovery journey in
life to achieve many of lifes rewarding gifts.
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i bet she knows lots about those strong wills
so glad to hear you took that step.
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Well done!
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Thanks guys.

We are meeting today for coffee and chat.

I told my ex sponsor and she wished luck. I learnt so much from her but ultimately she wasnt right for me and I am learning that is ok.

I feel really excited to embark on the steps from the beginning again. I know this programme works and the only time I have any peace and serenity is when I working this programme to the best of my ability. A spiritual solution is the only thing that works for me.

Feeling very grateful today to be sober and alive.
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Originally Posted by fini View Post
i bet she knows lots about those strong wills
so glad to hear you took that step.
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Love it.
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