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ACOA poetry

A drift in a dream, my thoughts sang to me,
Clouded illusions and lullabies
As they crept in and entangled me,

The latch left open to the forbidden door in my mind
Seduced by the melancholy of familiar ghosts,
Tangling only to unwind

A whisper so faint, at first my ears could barely hear
Then contemptuously growing louder,
Aware I want it to disappear

Don't you turn your back on me!
Don't you pretend you don't know I'm here!

Pleading and begging to be heard only long enough,
To make myself clear.

Hold me, comfort me now,
I begged you back then,
Cause they didn't know how

Don't you see, it makes no difference to my past?
No rerouting these old beaten paths

The things I've only learned just now
We can't force ourselves to undo,
The things our minds just won't allow

So, I listen to the whispers playing softly in my head
Until they finally grow tired, and I carry them off to bed
Gently wrapped in love,
Tenderly taking on their childhood dread

You see, if I listen to them speak,
The whispers turn to lullabies
Naively singing themselves to sleep,
Beneath pop sickle stained lips, and hooded eyes

Free now to float on the wings of hazy dreams,
Sweet innocence so sincere,
Free to float within a dreamland,
Made of fantasy and fear

Disillusioned, we awake to our current state,
Plagued with tears,
And the truths we've forced ourselves to negate,
Thoughts like lullabies,
Entangled in a dream for so many years.

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Thank you! for posting this. Your post came along at the perfect time in my life!
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You're so welcome! Thanks for makin my day, MikeH. I'm so glad I was able to help you)
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