So quiet here...

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So quiet here...

But I know even if we are not discussing things, that many people are still reading the information. This forum is providing a valuable service for those in the throes of the aftermath of alcoholism.

Now an extended family member's descent into alcoholism is, of course, affecting everyone around. They are experiencing the pain that maturing in this situation brings as they sort out how to live their life. Trying to be successful, cutting ties, feeling guilty, trying again. You know the drill. It's so hard to watch the parade go by again. I'm outside of it enough but it's still tragic. No idea how this is all going to turn out. But maybe I can be helpful if they need it.
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Hello Kialua, and yes it is quiet. In the USA the kids are going back to school after summer vacation, winter is coming in the northern reaches, peeps are busy with these small changes in life. It's quiet all over SR.... mostly

"Recruiting season" is coming, that is the drinking holidays starting with Thanksgiving and running into the New Year. It will get plenty busy then. Get the supplies ready and get plenty of rest ahead of time because the "walking wounded" will be start arriving by the boatload shortly after turkey day.

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Thanks Mike. It's true, this does go in seasons. Nice to have a breather.
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Thanks y'all... just dropped by...

...they say there is no rest for the wicked... !!!...? To be here day in and day out ya gotta have a wicked sense of humour and a heart of gold.

When the hand of help reaches out it might be time to shake it warmly and smile- thanks!

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I've been spending a lot of time over in the F&F threads. But I'm always in here checking for new posts. I actually wanted to post a thread about my personal growth and how detachment has been helping me. My work has been put to the test, and I faltered, but stayed upright. No flaming codie relapse! It is do much better when I can be empathetic but not have to get involved. Or lose sleep over it.
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Wow good progress NWGRITS!
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