need advice on end stage alcoholic father

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need advice on end stage alcoholic father

Hi there its been about two months since my last post. At that time my father had lost his mind and ended up in the ccu for a week. Now here we are for the third time in five months back in the hospital. This time I found out about it by reading the headline in the local paper. Apparently he broke into a biz in the early moring hours.someone heard him moaning and groaning so hey called 911. Idk if charges will be pressed. Neways his whole life is drinking. I went to his house and found 6 bottles of vodka(fifths or gallons) he is losing hiw home. He doesn't pay any bills. Doesnt even know what day it is. I know that if I help him move and get into an apartment it'll be the same story. He won't pay his bills and hell lose that too. Is it time I walk away? I. Feel that he isn't living his life, just somewhat going thru the motion....completely drunk. He wants some one else to live for him....I can not do it. I'm an only child and the rest of the family has also walked away from him. He absolutely will not accept treatment. He's only 59.
Thx to anyone who takes the time to read this.
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Hi again. That is so hard to decide. But you have to do only what doesn't make you crazy. Can you get him committed against his will? My Dad was committed involuntarily after he was incarcerated. It helps to have a record, as he does. But you have to find a good social worker that will see it through. So many of them quit and then the case gets shelved.
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Originally Posted by LalaLucy View Post
I know that if I help him move and get into an apartment it'll be the same story.
Sounds as though you know what the situation is. I don't have any wisdom except that what seems like help sometimes isn't. If Dad's losing the house, but someone steps in and writes a check to get him an apartment, he figures that validates his contention that there is no problem. He might have to get kicked out, go to a shelter, or whatever... and that might not do it, either. They (the experts, whoever they are) say that some big percentage of alcoholics die drunk. That's sad, but there is nothing we can do to stop it. We can only hope that somehow or other, he comes to a decision that something has to be done -- namely, get sober and healthy.

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