Finding a therapist

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Finding a therapist

Hi All--
It's been quite a while since I've posted here. Logging on again, it was nice to see some "familiar faces" still here.

I've been okay recently, but I'm starting to manifest some health issues from my anxiety and stress (seems like Fibromyalgia, but no diagnosis yet). I was wondering, for those of you who have chosen to see a therapist, what are some specialties to look for? Am I looking for an Addiction and Recovery therapist? In my head, addiction would lean towards the addict, not the offspring/family. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in Los Angeles county, if that helps... Or may there's already a thread for this? I've never done a therapist search before.

I want to talk to a therapist because I am in a situation where my mom (my usual confidante) can't advise me. I am used to having friends who "don't get it", but now my mother can't help either and she's infamous in our family for learning and reading all she can about addiction and codependency. I think she even got a certificate from the local university in addiction. Anyways, she can't help and I KNOW there's more that I should address with a therapist (other than the recent "episode"). Time to rip off those home-made bandages. (be ready for the "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!" post to follow...).

Thanks y'all. I'm glad SR is still here and still as welcoming as ever.
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I started with a pastor of our local church who told me of a couple of different offices in the area that had multiple therapists. Then I quizzed the one who called me back until I found one at their office that had experience with ACoA.

Hint - If they ask you what the term 'Adult Children' is, run!
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Great idea.
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Well, if you are looking for a therapist, Its better to join any recovery center or rehab center. They will provide you both treatment as well as mental support. Lots of rehab centers are there in CA like OC Detox, NewHorizon Recovery, WellMinded Center and many more..
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Hello cb12, and pleased to "meet" you

Originally Posted by cb12 View Post
... Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in Los Angeles county, if that helps...
What I find works the best is to think of it as the same as finding a good plumber. Ask people who have one. Specifically, meetings of Al-Anon and ACoA have been a great source of referals for me. As a general rule, about half the peeps in an al-anon meeting are seeing a therapist, and the other half _are_ a therapist

As far as specialty, the best would be a therapist who has a background in "Dysfunctional families", or in "Family Therapy". In California there is a specific license called MFCC ( Marriage, Family, Child Counseling ) and another very similar one called LMFT ( Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). Either one of those would be a perfect fit.

Most therapists will give you the first visit free, just to see if you "click" together. My suggestion is to check out several, at least 3 or 4, so you can get an idea for what it's all about and get a "feel" for them as people before you make any decisions.

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Ah... I have watched this thread mature... and grow, b4 responding... I come from a part of the world where therapy isn't readily available.

I found the yellow workbook of ACA helpful, and I work it with another adult child, at the moment... keeping it simple... my tuppence 'orth... David.
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Thanks all!
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