My nephew suffers

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Angry My nephew suffers

Hi All!!

I am new to this site and I just think the world of every person who has posted....But here's my deal...

ASIDE from my own problems, I have nephew who is 10 and he is going through living hell and has been since 5. My husband and I keep him as much as possiable but his parents are divorced and dad is a sevier alcoholic and mom has gone to jail for drugs and still continues to have her and her boyfriend sell it out of there home. This child has knowen what a joint is since age 5. Mom's house is in a good neighborhood(so is dads) but there home party central. Pot is always smelled and at least 5-10 people are always there drinking smoking and's isn't as bad he drinks regularly and smokes pot once and awhile.

BUT...if seeing all that isn't bad enough a week ago he told his step sister(his dad's wife's daughter) that he found 2 big duffle bags of pot in his mom's room , so then she told a friend and it soon escladed into walking over there and breaking in his mom's house and stealing a big zip lock bag full of weed. Mom and boyfriend never knew that it was missing but dad's wife is sharp and found it in her daughter's room.

He was grounded to his room for a week...He was horriably verbaly abused by his mother who I don't ever think has ever sain 3 nice words to my nephew...Thank God that I had him during the days. We did alot of talking and even though he was still grounded here he had to do chores and he was always free to talk to me...and after about 3 days he began to trust me and the things he said made cry and still as I write this I have tears in my eyes. The kid is so hurt and scared.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas...also he asked me if he could chat online to other kids that have the same problems...I said I would search to the end of the earth and back to help find a place for him. meedings here in town just are not an option because both mom and dad don't want social services called and even if that wouldn't happen they just don't want there buisness out in the open. But in the mean time the little boy suffers. Any suggestions?
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Hi Jenn...I answered your post on another forum.

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You are so sweet for caring so much! This poor boy is badly abused. I really feel for him. All I can say is, when my dad was at his worst, and we were taken away from our home and put in foster homes, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I guess because it helped me so much, I feel that when I see a child in an abusive situation, I have to talk to Children's Services. I've done it several times. They will work with the family, if it is possible. But this boy has 2 bad parents to live with. There is nobody on his side, except you. He must really feel comfortable with you to talk to you. He's begging for help, though. A child will keep it all to hisself for so long, but when he tells another grown-up, that means he really wants help.

For what it's worth.............

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Thank you Lyn, Ty also has 2 wonderful grandparents and my husband and I and a uncle that loves him very much. I too have called children services in the past but...basically...In racine here they are so backed up and even if the social worker was able to stop out they are not allowed to search in the house...they are allowed in the home and they allowed tolook around but as far as anything else they need a search warrent. Yes this little boy needs prayers. I talked to a social worker this morning and she told me that everything that I am doing now is 10 times better than what she could but asked me to journal everything and she is documenting my call. I wish there was something on line so he could talk to other children and realize he ISN"T the only one....that is the way he feels right now...I am helping to get him into counsling...but nothing replaces the feeling that I'm not alone, than being able to talk to someone your own age and proveing it. I am so thankful I found this place it truely is
God sent. Jen
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Hey hun,

I'm gonna add my prayers. You really are in a difficult situation. I have no idea what I would do so I don't really have any advice for you. I'll just keep praying. Try to think positively. I love you and him!

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Thank you so very much Angel that means alot to the both of us..Jen
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