Bad weekend

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Bad weekend

Hey guys,

My weekend didn't turn out quite the way that I planned. On friday night I went to bed around midnight, I was having a hard time sleeping so I didn't really fall asleep until a little before 1. Then my mom woke me up at about a quarter to 2. My fiancee's mom had called. He was in the emergency room because he had cut half of his thumb off with the table saw at 12. I called her and got to talk to him. He was pretty shook up, but he had to go to get x-rays. He said he would call me back. When he called me about 2:30, he made it pretty clear that he wanted me with him. I guess since I am his fiancee he is allowed to hug me when he is scared since he is "too old" to try to get comfort from his mother. Well, I woke mom up and she drove me into town where I met his family. He was sitting in the backseat with his sister in bloody jeans, no shirt, and bloody gauze, that didn't help with my nausea.
We drove to Columbus to see a hand surgeon and his sister and I had to wait in the waiting room all night and didn't see him again until about 6. Around 5 we had all been moved to the basement of the hospital and his parents got kicked out because they were going to sew it up. His surgeon wants to do a surgery where they would take his big toe and move it to where his thumb is. I think that will just end up being weird, dangerous, and it wouldn't bend anyway. Right now he doesn't want to do this. We left the hospital at about 6:30 and I made it home about 7:30. The time that I was supposed to be leaving with my mom and sisters to spend the weekend shoppping. We left a little late. We shopped all day and had a blast, but I was exhausted. We stayed in a hotel and shopped for a few more hours on Sunday before heading home. When we got home, my guy met us and gave me my birthday present from him. It is a gorgeous Smith and Wesson .38 special with a custom wood grip. It is gorgeous. He told me later that it wasn't my whole gift, he is building me a little cabinet for it that will match the handle of the gun. That was what he was working on at midnight when he cut his hand. He was so sorry that it would be late and that his dad would now have to help him finish cutting, because his hand is all wrappped up and he isn't allowed to use it.

It was a very weird weekend, please pray for him. He is really hurting emotionally. He thinks that he has failed me and his dad, and he feels like less of a man. So please just pray that he will heal and that I can be understanding. Thanks guys.

Love you buches.

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Thank goodness he will be fine...maybe sans thumb but it could have been so much worse. Ward cut 3 toes off with a lawnmower a few years back...he doesn't wear flip-flops anymore...

Sorry, but I have to ask...a gun for your b-day? There must be a story here somewhere...

Happy birthday! It won't be one you forget!

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Hope he's feeling better and I hope you got some sleep.

My husband gave me a shotgun on our first Christmas together. I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack. She said 'you can't keep that thing in my house'. Oh well!

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Thanks guys.
He is doing a lot better. He was back on the job yesterday tearing off siding. He has to clean it and redo the bandage himself. Yuck!! He started doing better as soon after I mentioned to him that he wasn't dead or missing a limb or hand or even all of his fingers.
I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday, so I gave him free reign. Dad bought all of us girls (mom and 2 sisses) matching .22 Jennings pistols for Christmas and he knew how exited I was about that and I guess the idea grew from there. I am going to inherit a .45 Smith and Wesson from my dad when he dies and the two match. It really is neat, and unique and special.

Love you guys.
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