Al Anon for other abusive problems

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Al Anon for other abusive problems

Can a person go to Al-Anon meetings if they are having problems with someone who is an abusive bully, though not an alcoholic or drug addict?
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Yes. Al-Anon, although originally started for those affected by alcoholics, is also for anyone affected by "toxic" relationships. Alcoholism is just one form of toxic relationship. Anger management issues, mental illness issues, problems arising from a person's past...all that also falls into the category of 'toxic'. The tools taught by Al-Anon can be used by people whose lives are affected by other forms of toxicity than just alcoholism.
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You betcha Rez. Ginger covered it real well. Can I ask who the "person" is?

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I'd rather not say, but thanks
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I am the adult child of an adult child. My father was abused by his alcoholic mom. He tried to change, but didn't get any help. He continued alot of the abuse with me and my sisters, even though he didn't want to. He still can't talk about it. I am 40 y.o. I have been working on my own recovery. I know that I can protect myself now, but I still get nervous when I think of him.
I fit the characteristics like a glove.
Welcome to this place. I have found it to feel safe for me to talk about my issues here.
Good Luck in your journey.
Remeber you are not alone.
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Getting out of my own way!
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Yes...Alanon will give you the skills that you need to take care of yourself!
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up and out
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oooooh yes Rez, by participating in al anon i've begun to heal many parts of my life....many that had nothing to do with alcohol or drugs. its all about the tools, the awareness and the support.

woot woot!
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