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Smile Healing Activity!

I am a very artistic person, and come from a family of artists--musicians, painters, drawers, writers, sculpters, ect.... I like all different forms of art, but I have recently took up scrapbooking. I have made numerous scrapbooks for others, all which they loved, and one of these people recently asked me...."have you ever made one for yourself?". I said no, and wondered....what would be the point in that? I realized, looking back....although I really enjoy the artistic side of making these scrapbooks....I also did it to people-please.

I was just today thinking I wanted to make another scrapbook....but for whom? I realized....FOR ME! I think it will be wonderfully healing to go through my old find joy in myself, and to proudly display ME in a book....thru which I not only learn to appriciate ME---but also I am able to express my artistic talent. I think this might also be helpful in rememberng my childhood memories---something I am also working on. Going through old pictures might bring back the joys & the pains I endured as a child---which I need to relive in order to heal.

Thanks for listening! Much love and support! ~Stephanie
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My hubby keeps telling me to do something with all the bib numbers from all the races I run and I was like whatever...But you know he is right. Running has been such a huge thing for me..Very healing and very freeing...that I should make a scrapbook with them. I was just thinking this yesterday when we were at a store for scrapbooking....Thank you I deserve it for me!! Thanks again!
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reminds me of when i collected lots of beauitful iconic pictures and pcitures of nature like trees and flowers and i made a giant scrapbook decopage of a private garden to symbolist my inner sanctuary
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If it weren't for art and , I would have totally lost my mind a long time ago. It truly is the healing activity!
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