Feeling rage!!

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Feeling rage!!


I am feeling sad...I got criticized today by my cruddy father, saying I have no work ethic because I decided to take time off to be in makes me sad to have to receive criticism from him. It p$4ses me off to noooo end.

I'm trying to do the work, they never did...It's bad enough to carry around the guilt and shame from never receiving proper care as a child, and now to have to get attacked for giving it to myself!

Amazing how easily the jerk can throw me off...

Okay, well, just feeling angry, down and needed to post.

maybe, i just need to go hit some pillows.

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Would you be as angry if a mentally impaired homeless person on a street in your town had said the same thing to you?

Perhaps reframing the situation in those terms will help with the anger. Criticism from sane people stings. Criticism from crazy people is just craziness talking.

I'm sorry you got whacked when you were in a good space to start working on yourself. Yes, it is amazing how a jerk can throw a person totally out off track.

Keep working you though, that's the whole point. Remember to stay focussed on YOUR goals, and not what *anyone* else thinks of them.
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Hey there Adore,

I'm with Ginger on this. I used to get my emotions all in a tangle over stuff my "toxic" family would say. I had to do the al-anon "no contact" thing to get my head straightened out. I adopted the attitude that the people who gave birth to me were just the biological accident of my existense. _Somebody_ had to donate the sperm and ova for me to get born, I just never had the opportunity to pick them out.

So yeah, go hit some pillows. Sometimes I use a broomstick, but have a spare broom ready cuz I've broken a few

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Adore~ I can VERY much relate. I have done what my dad wants me to do my whole life. I am very recently in recovery (as of this week!) and all I can focus on right now is my well-being. I'm in my last semester in college with 20 credits, and student teaching right now---and Im thinking I might have to put graduation aside-- for my sanity--and recovery. If I do this--my dad is going to disown me! He has paid for my entire tuition and he is really gonna flip out--to say the least!!
It is so hard to take critcism from the people who made you carry this guilt around your whole life....Im trying to think, so what! who cares what he says....we all know this is easier said than done.
Much love & support!
In recovery,
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