Not sure if Miracle but a 1st

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Not sure if Miracle but a 1st

Couldn't believe it for the very first time my dad actually called and apolgized to me. It has never happened.. not really sure what to make of it. He tells me he is going to AA but I hear from other sources this is not true. Not sure what to believe. But I guess doesn't really matter if he is good for him and I hope him and my Mom get well, if not nothing has really changed and I will keep moving towards my own recovery and peace of mind. Definetely will call them to check in but I don't want to get back into the day in day out anymore for now anyway.
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My father apologized to me once while sober. I don't want to drag down your moment here, but I wouldn't count on it continuing until you see further evidence of change. I'm not sure why my dad decided to apologize on that one occassion, but all other apologies have been issues when drunk and therefore are null and void.
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Hey jacksdaughter,

My Dad apologized so many times. My Mom never did though. In the end I learned that what makes a difference is _actions_ and not words. I tend to forget that, and have to be reminded at my al-anon meets

I think it's awesome that you are continuing to move towards your own recovery and peace of mind. When I focus on that then it doesn't really matter what other people do, either way _I_ keep my serenity. Me thinks you're doing real good with that.

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I figured as much and I know I don't want to get caught up in the emotional drama any longer. 20 years should be long enough. And I guess one apolgogy in 20 years one shouldn't get too excited about right? Thanks everyone!
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My Dad apologized to my husband and I for the first time ever for our horrible visit over Christmas. Then he went on to act as if nothing happened and everything was ok now. I felt the apology was too little too late...I agree with DesertEyes...actions speak louder than words.
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