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Originally Posted by doorknob
. My feelings about religion are best described by a quote by David Hume: "A wise man proportions his beliefs to the evidence."
Wow. I've been floundering in recent days, watching hopeful connections disintegrate, figuring that despite all attempts there was just no chance of relating to much of anyone anywhere (save a couple unbelievably open-minded precious and enduring long-time friends, and a couple seemingly developing ones, or so I'm encouraged). Came close in college in the late 80's, through the Cultural Anthropology and English coursework (minor/ major respectively), but those, too, were solitary pursuits. Why did I not stop to consider this forum before. Today is my first stop here and I am soooo impressed by ALL I've found so far. People saying things that make SENSE to my rational-focused mind-heavy way of processing/ integrating information/ insights into my life. Again now, I see a ray of hope. Eager to read more....
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