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we're all mad here!
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thankyou for the welcome....I needed that!

Her withdrawls from smoking are not unlike what you went through withdrawing from your drug of choice
I've heard they are worse than heroin.

But it may save her life
Well, she just stomped thru here, grumbled "I give up. I'm gonna buy cigarettes on Tuesday", grabbed her cigarettes, and stomped out. I guess that is that.

Now I'm mad. I'm asthmatic and we are on disability. And "I give up. I'm gonna buy cigarettes on Tuesday".

Just remember that it's about her and her addiction, and you don't have to take ownership of her bad moods.
I don't take ownership of her moods. But this might spell the end of our relationship. I'm really mad.

Emotional Meg sez....

sorry for getting mad on the way to your post...

If we truly wanted to stay "straight", we had to do it ourselves... you know what I mean?
I guess she doesn't want it enough.

only WE ourselves would suffer if we used
As an asthmatic, I suffer. She smokes 3 packs a day. And, as a couple on disbility, I suffer on my half. She's responsible for her half.

but it taught me a lot not having the PRESSURE from others to quit
Maybe that's the problem. She said she quit for me. Maybe that's the wrong reason and why she failed.

. Be careful not to impress on her the sarcasm, sinicism and resentment you may feel, no matter how bad you want her to quit
I'm going to be hard pressed at this point to even talk to her. She is still stomping around. When I'm upset, I'm quiet. I'm being very quiet right now.
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